Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Well I survived another week here in the land of eternal summer! That's okay though, the brighter it gets the more people brighten up a little!

This one is going to be short probably as we have some mighty shopping to do to pull through the week.  I'd like to bear my testimony on silly circles cereal and top ramen. They do in a pinch.

This week we had a great lesson with Lena, our most promising investigator, she is wonderful! She has lots of questions but quite the testimony in Christ! I'm so thankful I know what I know because she asks some good questions! But for once I finally feel like I can handle them, and if I can't, God can! It's comforting to know that my boss here is perfect. The real world is going to be rough.

A lesson I learned this week. No matter how many times you pray for it, if God doesn't want it to snow.. It won't snow. But I'm over it. This weather is probably the most trying thing about a mission. That's a lie.. But it doesn't change the fact I want it to snow. Except I think it might make biking up and down these hills a bit more difficult. 

Also I learned a rather funny lesson about parents. This will be illustrated by a story. We were at dinner and one of the elders we were eating with asked the parents how they met, the parents blushed and looked at each other and then the dad said,"Well........we met at a club actually." Then their daughter yelled from her end of the table, "Wait, I thought you met at the church?" Awkward pause. So us tactful elders quickly started talking about anything else. Heh. So it's good to have kids, they keep you honest. And dont forget that all children think their parents are perfect until said children turn about 12 years old.

Well just know that I love all of you! I pray for you always and try not to think about you! Take it however you want!

Love you lots!
Elder Rollins

Lena?  Have I heard of Lena before?  Where did you find her? Her mom is a less active we are visiting! No you haven't but she just started progressing!  

How are Tony and Margaret?  Did you meet with them this week? They are alright, Margaret is in the hospital so we are waiting for word. 

Why is Margaret in the hospital?  Hip replacement problems

Did you stay on your bike without falling? Yes I stayed on the bike.

Did you injure yourself in any other way? No.  

Is it already warming up there? It's like 90 degrees. I can't stand summer anymore.

It is already 90 there?  Holy cow.  I am sorry you are tired of summer but I hate to tell you but you are scheduled to come home sometime near the beginning of,  you guessed it,  a long hot summer!    Just saying.   Ugh..... 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

We All Fall Down!


This week was a pretty good week! We picked up this couple named Tony and Margaret. They are funny. Margaret just had a hip replacement and Tony is great. We played a lot of Cat and Mouse. Lot of running around, and I totally wrecked, it was just one of those weird accidents, just my bike got sick of doing everything I tell it to do so it changed its mind, and that is how I ended up in the gutter. Literally. Fell right into the gutter. So not cool. But I mean it's ok, the guy in the brand new Mercedes had his day made so that's good. We did get to teach the restoration a bunch this week, it was fun! Joseph Smith had quite the experience. That is a hard lonely life to lead, it sure is a good thing the had Emma. Also I am glad I am not the prophet. That is a very hard job. Nope I just get to be a missionary! And that just gets a few bumps and bruises. I'm told it builds character, and that pain is just weakness leaving the body. I have a lot of weaknesses it seems because mom always call me a pain. Oh well I'll live I guess! 

It is now story time, don't forget to criss cross applesauce!

We was biking down a long and lonely road, and heard the most peculiar noise. It seemed some poor soul had become a belieber, his voice echoed down the street unobstructed (save for the terrifying squawk of the annoyus Parrotus) we biked over to this poor wayfaring man of beef, and asked what said beef was about. He asked us to bare our testimonies, but promptly interrupted us as soon as we began. Getting rather annoyed we sat and listened to his rant, it was interesting. I'm pretty sure I remember something about unicorns. But it seems my
efforts to forget that part were effective. Finally we convinced him to play the quiet game and we bore testimony. He simply brushed it off and kept going down about how we were wrong. As we finally got away, I felt so sad. He doesn't even know what he is missing. I realized that I have found what everyone is looking for! That's right! I found happiness! And it's free! It's already been paid for! How exciting! How wonderful! It's not in any special food, or drink. Or a new song. Or an old song. Nope not even in sports. I see it in those dazed tired looking parents staggering in to sacrament meeting seconds before it starts with their trail of crazed children bouncing in
behind them! Yep! So stop looking! Look no further! It's already here! We have it! These things we call families. It seems that whoever is running this show, really knows what He is doing. To quote the wise words of a good person who made not so good choices. "Dont worry, Be happy"

Love you all! Happy late valentines!

Ps transfers happened but nothing changed here!

Pps thanks for the package to all those punk cousins who asked if I would be their Valentine I say sure! But as your valentine I expect packages weekly.

Ok bye!

Elder Rollins

How is your bike after your epic wreck?  The bike is great!
Where are your injuries? My back hurts, and my shoulder. 
How is your hand from the moving injury? The hand is fine. 
You got the package?  What were your favorite things?  Yep.  The letters, It is good to know that someone misses me (Lydia).  The Laffy Taffy and the LOVE sign.
Did you hang up the sign?  Yep.  It is adorable.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016



So this week was pretty good!

We had a few good first lessons and set up some for this next week, hopefully they continue investigating, it's hard to find the elect that is fo sho. But it seems that I have survived again. So I must still have something to do! Well we taught this young lady named Christina, she has had a hard life so far and feels like her family doesn't really want her so she moved out on the street. But she wants to go to church and wants to be baptized, we told her we could help her with that. Heh

So I have a good story. Ahem

Recently I injured my hand. It has looked like I tried to grate cheese and forgot which was which. It's terrible because it's my right hand. AND we shake a lot of hands, but I refused to be a pansie. So naturally I keep shaking hands. And it hurts every time, so during one of my prayers I brought this up. The thought came to me of Christ and His perfect hands and the nails they put through them.  I don't complain anymore. Merely a flesh wound.

As another story. I helped move a hoarder. Holy frijoles... There was sooooo much stuff. Two two car garages full of stuff. And when I say full, I mean Aztec temple tight. They were sketchy to open. It was intense and really dusty. I did get to cross off a bucket list item of smashing a car window. Speaking of that mom I'm going to need 500$. Just kidding. But I did get to smash a window. And it was as fun as I thought it would be. No, it had nothing to do with the hand. The hand got hurt because it got smashed between a textured wall and a still-full refrigerator. That'll do it. She did have a newspaper from when John F Kennedy was killed. That was cool. Her calendar on her wall was from 2005 so she's pretty up to date. Yeah, throw away your stuff.

Oh and also I have a little problem. So there is lots of diversity around here. And I want to be able to communicate. So I learned how to say card in Spanish (Tarjeta).   I also enjoy using a Chinese accent because it's fun. But unfortunately I find myself combining. So sometimes my contacts start something like this:

*person walking innocently🚶🏽

*me slamming on breaks 🚲

Me: "rye grive Rou Tarjhreta!!"

*person 🏃🏽 runs away....

It's a problem.

At least I know I'm trying to do something good in the world, even if it doesn't feel like it is working all the time!

Love you all! This is the Lords Church! 

Elder Rollins 

How is your health? Yes I am healthy. 
Are you being obedient? Yes
Are you being kind? Yes
Are you laughing? Yes
Are you learning what the Lord wants you to learn?  Yes
What did you learn this week?  The Lord suffered and I have no right to complain about my little sufferings.  
Who are you teaching?  This girl named Christina and another named elana 
Are you still a janitor?  Haha.  Haha.  No I obeyed.

My hand
It looks infected.  Did you put Neosporin on it?

Uhhh nope.... I'm probably going to die huh?

They just look infected.  You are being blessed so probably no death.  Just nasty looking cuts and pain.  Maybe scars. No death. They shouldn't look green or red.  Unless it is Christmas.
Neosporin. It is your friend.

It's almost Christmas.

Looks like the infection has spread to your internal calendar!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This email is going to be a little short because email wasn't working until like 5 minutes ago. I was freaking out. It's ok, I figured it out. What a good boy I am.

I will tell you this story. There is a guy. Who is actually being taught by Elder Hislop and Elder Coca Frias (cold Coke is his last name...) poor guy. We are in the same ward so I get see them.  The guy they are teaching I have met and I've taught him a couple times. And he is a miracle! He was a total gangster. High ranking. He has had a really rough life but he decided after a spiritual experience that there was more to life than that. Now he is getting baptized. What a cool guy. But I tell you about him because when I saw him at church this week I told him he had nice shoes. He then preceded to tell me stories of what he has done in those shoes. Those shoes weren't too cool after that but they looked nice. Sound kind of like temptation.

Well like I said it has to be a little short. But this gospel is true! It changes the worst to the best! I'm watching it on the daily! Don't fall into temptation. Don't give up because it's hard! If it weren't hard it wouldn't be fun! 

I love you all! Popcorn saves my life! 

Love you

Elder Rollins

I like your picture except why are you carrying your keys like a janitor?  Because if I carry them in my pocket they stab me when I am riding my bike. 
What in the world do you mean by "popcorn saves my life! It is what we eat.  South Pasadena is expensive.