Monday, June 6, 2016

Mission Tour

Mission Tour May 2016

Will Be a Good Week

This is the third best week ever, as you all should know! As it is the week of my birth! I hope that all of you look back this Wednesday and realize how un-satisfying your lives would be without me! How sad for you! Just kidding, I'm just lucky to be alive, especially after this week. Allow me to explain.

Well this week started off as any other week! Biking around and then all of that came to a screeching halt. Literally. Sounded like a nazghul with a cold. One second the back derailer on my back was on. The next second it wasn't. Crazy! We have done a lot of walking, and this week it decided to jump into the nineties.  Hallelujah.
I feel like a cooked lemon, bitter and a little bit burnt. But that is ok. Because when life makes you a burnt lemon, I have no idea what you do for that. 

What I did, was make like a buffalo in the wild, and wing it. Also the bishopric was reorganized this week with the stake presidency being reorganized next week. Sheesh, you would have thought Muhammad Ali died. Tears, testimony, tears, testimony. Basically like mom, all aunts and grandmas will be at the end of the month at an airport. That was uncalled for. But then again so we're the last four brothers and they still came. Just kidding. I get to tell jokes like that this week! 

Also this week there was a car full of newly graduated senior sirens. (Aka females) and they thought it would be funny to yell something at the Mormons with a ukulele. So they started yelling all sorts of stuff. As they passed but it was made even better because the car in front stopped suddenly and the car full of sirens had to slam on the brakes. And so their windshield became a siren slapper. I'm sure when they got home their parents asked how come all their noses looked the same now. It was way more fun for me than for them of course, so walked by with only slightly bigger smiles. And now it's sermon time!

My sermon comes from a certain phrase that has been on my mind lately. And that phrase is long suffering. What a depressing phrase. You are going to suffer for a long time. How not fun. But it always appears in a verse with good things even in verses to describe Heavenly Father. 

I did some extra digging. And to suffer is to endure pain. And long is not short. So this life is going to have pain. We are expected to endure.  What about Heavenly Father? Isn't he happy? Of course he is happy, but he loves us so much he suffers with us! That my dearest compadres is some real love. None of that movie garbage. Loving someone so much to die for them is very impressive, But to live with them, and suffer with them and still love them. Now that, that is love. So when I left almost 24 months ago, I set a goal for myself to die for this message. The gospel. And I can easily say I would do that. No sweat, piece of cake! Sign me up! The hard part, is living for it. Now that is a challenge. And that is my goal now.  I want to live for this gospel, just as the Savior did. I wish with all my heart to have been the angel to comfort him in the garden, or to have been the disciples to take his mortal frame off the cross. I wish to have seen Him come down in glory to my broken home with the Nephites. But the past won't get me anywhere. Now, now I wish to ascend to Him, with my whole family. There will be an eternity to ask him questions. So that's why I'm still here. I will go till He calls me and go where He sends me! Couldn't ask for more than that!

Love you all! Thank you for letting me preach at you! Not that you have to read it! But it is my birthday week. So I expect you too!


Elder Rollins