Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hombre Murcielago

Yo soy hombre murciélago!
I said this to a member from El Salvador, she thought it was funny.  It means "I'm Batman"
Also along the lines of Spanish I've begun calling Elder Low "osito" which is little bear, or teddy bear. He doesn't think it's funny, so naturally I do it a lot. I tell him getting teased builds character, he's the oldest in his family so I assumed responsibility of older brother. I know that job well.

Anyway to the important things. Saul and Mike are both doing well, Efrain is back from El Salvador safely so that is good, we had a great lesson with Saul on the BOM, he said after the lesson, "I'm not sure if this is true but I really hope it is." Music to my ears! He wasn't able to go to church because of business and Mike was sick so that wasn't cool, but that's ok they are doing well and we have high hopes for Saul.

Well this week was full of service, we got to go to a Christmas parade in Covina (we were crowd control), and have put up a lot of Christmas decorations. T

Best curry I have ever tasted cooked by Brother Ali, Pakistani Muslim from Fiji who was converted about 30 years ago and is now a professional chef in CA. 
hat has been fun. It has been quite an adventure I will tell you that. FYI The decoration where presents are stacked on each other is weird and not worth putting up. Something that is nice about this area is some of the houses are so low that I have been able to reach the roof from the ground so I can put the lights up that way. Actually moves pretty fast.
Me eating Tripa (intestine) Tacos.

Well enough of that, so being on a mission has taught me many things, but the most annoying/great thing about it is that I never stop learning, everyday it's something new.You know the same thing should apply everyday and not just on a mission, sometimes I'm just to hard headed to let it in. Recently as I'm sure you have heard, there was a bombing in San Bernardino, and now everybody is on high alert, and for some reason, we have become the people to ask what to do. I almost want to tell them that I am 19 years old and have no idea what to do, but then Josh finally shuts up and Elder Rollins realizes that he does have an idea, but I can't claim it as mine. The idea comes from doctrine and covenants 10:5.  Keep in mind, that we are ALL children of God, and they deserve our prayers just as much as the missionaries. They are loved by the same Heavenly Father that we are, the difference is is that they don't know it, and we do. Arguing will get us nowhere. Pray, and be strong and of a good courage, be not afraid neither be thou dismayed, for the Lord thy God is with thee with withsoever thou goest. 

love all of you a whole bunch! Help me change the world!

Make it a merry Christmas!

Elder Rollins

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