Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Downhill Scooter X games 2015

Well hello hello dearest friends and compatriots,and family

So its been another week in paradise, scooting around! Actually I don't think I have ever been talked to more because now everyone asks us where my bike is and that they didn't know Mormons were allowed to ride scooters, so we have been capitalizing on that!

Anywho, about my week,

So this week we have been asking for miracles and were able to see little ones every day, for instance, being on a scooter I realized that the brake is not really all that reliable.  We live really close to the mountains, much like back home and we had an appointment at the northernmost border of our area, in other words, the mountains. We
scooted on up and went to the appointment where nobody answered, I was like oh man, and then I turned and looked down that massive massive hill, which I knew flattened out, and then continued on to another hill probably about 2 miles down.  I began my descent, Elder Taylor stayed behind me because "I want to watch you crash" so naturally I took it as a challenge.   Remember I mentioned before that I had no brake, well I tried the brake anyway and sparks started flying and I was still going wayyy too fast!  I did the only logical thing I could think of I 
started pedaling backwards. (Think of someone riding a scooter and pushing forward up the hill.  I was putting my feet down and pushing up the hill while heading downhill.  Backwards)   I was slowing myself down! In the process my groin muscle was about ready to pop, that was a lot of force applied over and over and over again. Finally we got to a stop light and I looked up but I still had miles to go! I continued all the way home, no falling, but when i woke up the next day I couldn't move my leg very well or basically at all, so I had a useless leg that day. Miracle that I didn't die though. 
My trusty steed
We also had zone conference and it was nice to get free lunch, we talked about the fundamentals and using those more too teach, but my favorite part of this week was we got three new investigators, Angel, Ariel and Andy, they are brothers and sister, (Ariel is the other brother) don't ask about the name no idea.  They are really cool! They were a referral from the Chinese sisters and their mom and dad want them to feel the spirit, they are 27 20 and 18. We are excited to see them progress.

Well, we have had a wonderful week here at the downhill scooter event,  please tune in next week for our halfpipe edition!

The best part is, the church is still true! I know it!

Church, Pray, Read!

love ya lots is precious!

Elder Rollins

How are Carolina and George doing? Just trying to get those stubborn peeps to church.
My comp, Elder Taylor
Elder Pixton and Eggs
Elder Blair
Locked my Heart

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No More Bike Problems!

That's right! No more bike problems!!!!!

Because it got stolen! yep... it really did....... so this week has been a struggle, I literally have been riding a scooter for a week! Oh and did I mention it had four locks on it..... well so this week was rough, but we did have a sweet lesson with Carolina and George.  They are reading the Book of Mormon on their own finally,

Well I'm a little angry, cause I have no bike... but alas I survived. and now I shall scoot the next golden investigator down! Well, I don't have much to write about... I'm still a little mad. but life is good! Hope yours is good!

Church is still true!
love you all!

Elder Rollins

Follow up questions from Mom:

Where was the bike?   At the Train Station
Did your companion's get stolen also?  Just parts like the seat
Did you put the four locks on the actual bike?  Funny

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Long time no si

Josh on Mother's Day!


Jk happy Moms day to all the whimsically wonderful women in my life!
But fortunately, I have only 1 mommy! And she's the best! So much so
that I have decided to write a poem for her for lack of things to talk

For those who are not my mother and are curious about my
current life, this week was a lot of rescheduling but we did catch
George and Carolina! They are doing well! And finally progressing!

Well, without further ado, we will now begin!


I'm right here" she says with a sob,
"I know mom, I see you" I try to reply,
But all that comes out was a small baby cry,
She hushes me and snuggles me, kissing my face.
That's when I knew I was in the right place.

"I'm right here" she says arms outspread,
Step after step I stumble and fall,
A smile still present, she lets my tears stall,
Over and over I try and I fail,
"It's alright my baby you'll be great I can tell"

"I'm right here!" She shouts from the stands
"Hi mom!" I yell, from the field down below,
The ball starts coming I see where to go,
I kick and I miss, the timer runs down,
I still get a hug "soccer players don't frown"

"I'm right here" she beckons from inside the van,
I sprint to the car as fast as can be!
"Mommy mommy guess what happened to me!"
I tell her about the wonderful day,
She smiles and laughs in her best way,

'Im right here" she calls hand held high,
I walk really slow, I have to be cool,
I try to look tough while inside the school,
"How was your day? I hope it was good!"
I grunt in reply and put on my hood.

"I'm right here" she waves standing up
I roll my eyes and pretend not to look,
I thought she was home reading a book,
I try to ignore my mom being here,
After all it is my sophomore year,

"I'm right here" she whispers so lovingly,
"You can't help me mom, my life is done,
I am still surprised you'd call me your son,"
"I'll always claim you, you are a prince,"
I try to disguise my heart wrenching wince,

"I'm right here" I can almost hear her say,
I search the crowd, the gowns and the caps,
She sees me first, and I hear loud claps,
"I did it I did it! I knew that I could!"
"I know, my young man, I knew that you would!"

"I'm right here" she cries wiping her tears
I don't want to let go, she fixes my clothes,
"I love you" I whisper as tears fall from my nose,
I try not to look back, or let my shoulders sag,
I feel in a daze, and then I look down and see a black tag,

"I'm right here" my new companion yells,
My thoughts turn to her, does she miss me at all?
I hold back the tears, and try not to fall.
Mile upon mile, I struggle to go,
We try and try, hearing nothing but "no",

Nobody's there, I feel so alone,
I toss in my bed, with a creak and a groan,
Then I remember, what she always would say,
I roll out of bed, and begin to pray,

"Father", I say,
"I've had a bad day,
My faith is shaking,
My bones are aching,
But, Father, the very worst part,
Is the large hole Ive found in my heart,
My mother's not here,
She was from the first year,
Oh Father please save me,
Oh please can't you see?
I just can't keep it up, this is much too hard,
I wish that at least one soul would take my offered card,
Father, I need mother,
Someone to help me live another,
Please Father, I really hope you care,
But I think I've lost my testimony that I'm called to bare,

I close and wait, hoping she'll appear,
I wait for near eternity fore I succumb to fear,
I wearily crawl into bed, my aching soul now shattered,
I knew this whole two year thing never really mattered,
The tears now soak my pillow, my bitterness run dry,
When finally, I hear a Voice, that forces me to cry,

"I'm right here" is all I hear, My eyes roam all around,
But I simply cannot find the source of that glorious sound,
I can feel my mother, but more importantly my Lord,
It was His infinite love that struck that wondrous chord,

Suddenly the voice is back, giving me my hope,
It's like I have my mother here, helping me to cope,
I will praise my Savior, for every coming year,
For letting me have access to His Atonement dear,

"I have been there from day one, always by your side,
I was even present, when your grandpa died,
I saw you struggle up through life, and pulled you all along,
I sent your angel mother, to build you to be strong,

You are a son of God, a king you soon will be,
You will someday make it back to dwell here with Me,
Know I'll always love you, I'll be right by your side,
I have given you my spirit, to be your constant guide,

Now go and represent Me well,
Make all hearts around you swell,
Never let things make you blue,
And your Mother says she loves you."

Sorry if there are some typos or any other mistakes! I just wrote it
as fast as I could!
Love you ma!
Elder Rollins

Monday, May 4, 2015

All Good in the Hood

Hello everybody! 

So this week was the week of reschedules, on starting on Tuesday, every appointment we had was pushed back to yesterday. The problem was it was done day by day, always starting with us calling to confirm and then a thousand frantic explanations then a reschedule, so we end up trying to visit less actives and active members all day in the hot sun, Friday was especially good because I eventually ran out of short sleeved shirts. Hooray, and to put the cherry on top of that delicious sundae, my shifter on my bike broke 99% off, I considered repairing it by sending it to the glorious bike shop in the sky, but apparently bikes don't get heaven, so it looks like the other direction for my faithful steed. So I decided that today, I shall save the only companion who hasn't left me! (Other than the Holy Ghost of course)  Poor bike. But I'm not bitter. 

Well amidst the trails there is always something to laugh about because I am still me, therefore hilarious. Well this week on exchanges we were biking, (before my steed threw its shoe and the rest of its wardrobe) and the other Elder stopped and was talking to someone and I was putting my bike against a wall, and my Gadianton fingers united in their secret combinations and I dropped about everything I took off, starting with the helmet, nice awkward crash, followed by my man satchel which made a slapping noise, and then the lock with keys quickly followed by keys alone, by this point I figured I couldn't introduce myself to this person by my title or my family name, so I decide that I would just introduce myself as "late" and that is what I did, I shook their hands and said "Hi, I'm late" I have never seen faces so confused, then I realized they didn't speak English very well, they spoke some middle eastern language. My companion however, nearly exploded, so there was an awkward silence as we were trying not to laugh and they were trying to leave.  We just gave them cards and they left, and we laughed pretty hard. Then two ladies were walking towards each other and we were right in the middle, so we decided to split them, the other lady got to us first and he started talking to her in Spanish, the lady coming towards me looked at me like "I'll kill you if you speak" to which I responded "do you speak Spanish?" She very snappily said "no" and I said "yea me neither".  Then she laughed and then she looked super mad, hopefully at herself. She reluctantly took a card while repeatedly telling me she wasn't interested. So that's the story for this week. Kind of boring week, but remember, you only had to read it. 

But on Sunday, there was a fantastic tender mercy, first of all Elder Taylor, my comp, and Sister Argueta, one of the sister Missionaries bore their testimonies in church and sister Argueta talked about how lots of people say no and that it's hard but she still knows it's true and all that stuff, and after Matthew and I were just chatting and the Sisters were walking buy and Matthew stopped them and this is what he said:

"Hey! thank you for sharing your testimony. You know it really made me think. I don't know how many times he was said no too that day they talked to me (gesturing at me), probably like 500 but they didn't quit and they finally got to me, and i needed it, so please on behalf of your next yes, don't quit!" 

Sister Argueta was stunned and thanked him and told him that was very encouraging, I was so darn proud of my little boy! He is growing up so fast! So that fixed the week. Likewise to you I also say, on behalf of your next person who's week was rough, thank you for being Christlike, it is much appreciated, and you may not know you cannot tell, what affect you will have on some poor wayfaring man of bike grief! So stick to your guns, there is no quitting, there is no neutral ground either your on the Lords side or the Devils, don't lie to yoursel,  If you're good, good! Get better! If you're bad, not good, get better! B E A U tiful that little formula. Oh and Mom,happy Mother's Day, we won't be able to make calls so I guess I'll just make it public! 

No just kidding, we do, I just wanted to give you a heart attack because you love me. But mostly because you can't ground me right now. Okidokey! Love yall! Yall the best! Eat vegetables and not cookie dough. That's probably the best advice I can give you from personal experience, ok now bye bye! 

One more thing! Our Savior lives with His Father, they love us and have given us a way to get back to live with them happily ever after!! So you want to be happy, do as they say. 

We all good in the hood! 

Elder Rollins

How was your week? Good
How are Carolina and George and their family? Doing well!
Did they come to church this week? No
How are you and Elder  Taylor getting along? Good!
What did you teach in District Meeting this week?Talked about a meeting that I got to go to be a better leader
Are you still a district leader? yes
Do you get released from that ever? no idea
Were you able to teach more this week? no
Do you know how much we love you? yes
Do you know how much your Heavenly Father loves you? yes
Answer the Mother's Day phone call questions. I can call after my church. 2ish