Tuesday, May 19, 2015

No More Bike Problems!

That's right! No more bike problems!!!!!

Because it got stolen! yep... it really did....... so this week has been a struggle, I literally have been riding a scooter for a week! Oh and did I mention it had four locks on it..... well so this week was rough, but we did have a sweet lesson with Carolina and George.  They are reading the Book of Mormon on their own finally,

Well I'm a little angry, cause I have no bike... but alas I survived. and now I shall scoot the next golden investigator down! Well, I don't have much to write about... I'm still a little mad. but life is good! Hope yours is good!

Church is still true!
love you all!

Elder Rollins

Follow up questions from Mom:

Where was the bike?   At the Train Station
Did your companion's get stolen also?  Just parts like the seat
Did you put the four locks on the actual bike?  Funny

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