Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Long time no si

Josh on Mother's Day!


Jk happy Moms day to all the whimsically wonderful women in my life!
But fortunately, I have only 1 mommy! And she's the best! So much so
that I have decided to write a poem for her for lack of things to talk

For those who are not my mother and are curious about my
current life, this week was a lot of rescheduling but we did catch
George and Carolina! They are doing well! And finally progressing!

Well, without further ado, we will now begin!


I'm right here" she says with a sob,
"I know mom, I see you" I try to reply,
But all that comes out was a small baby cry,
She hushes me and snuggles me, kissing my face.
That's when I knew I was in the right place.

"I'm right here" she says arms outspread,
Step after step I stumble and fall,
A smile still present, she lets my tears stall,
Over and over I try and I fail,
"It's alright my baby you'll be great I can tell"

"I'm right here!" She shouts from the stands
"Hi mom!" I yell, from the field down below,
The ball starts coming I see where to go,
I kick and I miss, the timer runs down,
I still get a hug "soccer players don't frown"

"I'm right here" she beckons from inside the van,
I sprint to the car as fast as can be!
"Mommy mommy guess what happened to me!"
I tell her about the wonderful day,
She smiles and laughs in her best way,

'Im right here" she calls hand held high,
I walk really slow, I have to be cool,
I try to look tough while inside the school,
"How was your day? I hope it was good!"
I grunt in reply and put on my hood.

"I'm right here" she waves standing up
I roll my eyes and pretend not to look,
I thought she was home reading a book,
I try to ignore my mom being here,
After all it is my sophomore year,

"I'm right here" she whispers so lovingly,
"You can't help me mom, my life is done,
I am still surprised you'd call me your son,"
"I'll always claim you, you are a prince,"
I try to disguise my heart wrenching wince,

"I'm right here" I can almost hear her say,
I search the crowd, the gowns and the caps,
She sees me first, and I hear loud claps,
"I did it I did it! I knew that I could!"
"I know, my young man, I knew that you would!"

"I'm right here" she cries wiping her tears
I don't want to let go, she fixes my clothes,
"I love you" I whisper as tears fall from my nose,
I try not to look back, or let my shoulders sag,
I feel in a daze, and then I look down and see a black tag,

"I'm right here" my new companion yells,
My thoughts turn to her, does she miss me at all?
I hold back the tears, and try not to fall.
Mile upon mile, I struggle to go,
We try and try, hearing nothing but "no",

Nobody's there, I feel so alone,
I toss in my bed, with a creak and a groan,
Then I remember, what she always would say,
I roll out of bed, and begin to pray,

"Father", I say,
"I've had a bad day,
My faith is shaking,
My bones are aching,
But, Father, the very worst part,
Is the large hole Ive found in my heart,
My mother's not here,
She was from the first year,
Oh Father please save me,
Oh please can't you see?
I just can't keep it up, this is much too hard,
I wish that at least one soul would take my offered card,
Father, I need mother,
Someone to help me live another,
Please Father, I really hope you care,
But I think I've lost my testimony that I'm called to bare,

I close and wait, hoping she'll appear,
I wait for near eternity fore I succumb to fear,
I wearily crawl into bed, my aching soul now shattered,
I knew this whole two year thing never really mattered,
The tears now soak my pillow, my bitterness run dry,
When finally, I hear a Voice, that forces me to cry,

"I'm right here" is all I hear, My eyes roam all around,
But I simply cannot find the source of that glorious sound,
I can feel my mother, but more importantly my Lord,
It was His infinite love that struck that wondrous chord,

Suddenly the voice is back, giving me my hope,
It's like I have my mother here, helping me to cope,
I will praise my Savior, for every coming year,
For letting me have access to His Atonement dear,

"I have been there from day one, always by your side,
I was even present, when your grandpa died,
I saw you struggle up through life, and pulled you all along,
I sent your angel mother, to build you to be strong,

You are a son of God, a king you soon will be,
You will someday make it back to dwell here with Me,
Know I'll always love you, I'll be right by your side,
I have given you my spirit, to be your constant guide,

Now go and represent Me well,
Make all hearts around you swell,
Never let things make you blue,
And your Mother says she loves you."

Sorry if there are some typos or any other mistakes! I just wrote it
as fast as I could!
Love you ma!
Elder Rollins

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