Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Holy Frijoles!

Well! This week was awesome! So here it goes! Elder Bechaver comes in and we just started bustin our tail ends off to get to work. Every single night this week I have fallen asleep so fast. It's ridonkulous! But we set a baptismal date for a young lady named heather. She is awesome! We met with her once and she said "how do I get baptized into your church. Bechaver was like " uhhhhhhh" I was like ohhohoho let me tell you! So we are excited for that! Our area is finally starting to light up and it's exciting to see!!! 

Elder Bechaver and Elder Rollins
Weirdest thing is is that Elder Bechaver got transferred after 1 week. Oh and Alice and Joseph are needing some prayers btw.. Just talked to them. Now I'm with Elder Leavitt! He is from Washington and seems pretty cool! So that is pretty much my week... Well as much as I can remember..... It went by soooooo fast....... I just want it to slow down. But I don't

So, shout out to Grandma Carter for the scare of the week! I saw your email address and I first thought it was going to be bad news! But I thank you for the letter! Much appreciated! 

Super sorry about this weeks letter too lame I know. Transfer weeks are the worst... Next weeks will be back to awesome! To anyone who is struggling or having a bad day.... HI!! You are amazing, wonderful,perfect, and are made exactly how God wants you to be! Love you all! Sorry again! 
Pasadena Zone Conference with President Villanueva

Love you see you miss you!

Elder Rollins

Monday, September 22, 2014


Hello friends!! This weeks challenge is going to be fun! Something we do a lot of as missionaries is role play! So guess what you are going to do! Role play! Sometimes it is a little awkward. But that's ok! So I want you to role play what you would say if someone asked you who Jesus Christ was. That is your challenge! Choose to accept it!

Elder Rollins


Hellloooooooooo everybody!! Hope all is well! Hope you all have a wonderful week of school/work/play! Last week was rather interesting! So Monday through Thursday not much happened at all.... Because we knew Elder Coontz was going home. So we pretty much did nothing. We visited Alice and Jackie so he could say goodbye. We were just kind of waiting for stuff to happen, unfortunately me not being injured, I wanted to get up and do something and get a baptism. But we didn't and I regret it. So I'm fixing it. And that is that! Anyway we are waiting to hear from the APs, and out of the blue Thursday night we get a call "Hi how are you, oh that's good, we are fine, oh by the way, we have a new companion for you and Elder Coontz is going home early Friday morning," here is what Elder Rollins Translation sounded like: "blah blah blah blah new companion blah blah in charge of area blah blah good luck sucker." So naturally I begin to pull a Kelli. "Ohmygoodnessthatmeansihavetodothisandthenthisandrunoverhereanddothis" 
Elder Rollins
So we went home and sat and waited. And of course I began to think of how horrible my companion would be. My image of him went something like this: he is going to be 4'11 wear coke bottle glasses, hates sports, and thinks because I am new I don't know anything. Well they rolled up in their nice shiny car. (Btw we have a car. Cause noob in huge area) anyway I see a head in the back that I swear didn't go above the door handle. My first thought was "oh great....I'm a prophet now" but then he got out and he wasn't too short! Whew. And he looked athletic! Yes! He said hey my name is Elder Bechaver (bee shaver) don't ask, I don't know. And I said something brilliant like "sup" (I get that from my dad) well we went inside with small chat. Oh Ya I hugged Elder Coontz and said goodbye. He probably is suffering from Rollins withdrawals. Just like Hailey Call. (There is your shout out).

Elder Bechaver
Anywho we started talking and I was saying little prayers that he played sports. So I asked him if he did. And he said Ya, I actually have scholarships for basketball........ Whoawhoawhoa back up. When I said I wanted him to play sports... I didn't say better than me!!!! So there is my biggest trial. And the worst part is, is that he has torn his ACL twice... Gotta be careful with this one. Well we worked hard these couple of days and I think we will get along well! He has a good, strong testimony. 

I felt the spirit in a lesson we had with a potential investigator while we were bearing testimony. It was awesome. We are planning to meet them later this week. I'll let you know! So Jackie and Alice both came to church! Awesome awesome. And we are committed to working harder and harder every day. It's game time! Well I'm going to go play board games! Cause no basketball! Church is true! Book is blue! God loves you! And so do I! Till we meet again!

Elder Rollins

I have been asked by people if they will see their dad again. And one of the best feelings I've had is watching their eyes fill with hope as I grab their shoulder and tell them "Well of course!

Change isn't really that hard for me actually... I guess I just figure that God needs me to learn a different lesson. So I'd better get studying! Love you too!

So you are staying in your same area?  Yes
You have a car? Are you kidding me? Yes,no
Where is Elder Bechaver from? Colorado
How long has he been out? 1 year
Where did they find a spare Elder?  In a tripanionship
When is transfers and do they think you will stay or do you not know? Next week.. I dunno.
Enjoy your board games.  Ugh...

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Poop Hit the Floor

---- Warning-----  This is a gross post.  I apologize. 

Hello everybody! S/O to Emma bema who's day of birth was not yesterday but she did have a birthday! Happy bday! Hope you got some awesome stuff! Ok. Now back to me cause I'm important. Jk. 

Sorry I didn't write yesterday it was zone conference so p-day is today! Well just to let you know Elder Coontz tore his acl and has to go home to have surgery so I will get a new companion very soon! So we have had to take it pretty easy.

So we talked to Jackie and she wrote a 10 page letter to Elder Coontz I don't know what it was about cause I sure ain't reading the  long thing! Sheesh. So she is doing good and is still coming to church. Thank you for the prayers for her. Bryton hasn't responded to texts so we will keep trying. So it was still a pretty good week. 

We got a call from the hospital and they told us some person wanted us there. So we went and met with them and they told us about their awesome house. (They own an island) then suddenly they got up and said turn around elders! So we flipped around (I expected zombies, or clowns, or angry mom) but they sprinted to the bathroom and yelled "oh $^@&" and we were like oooook....... Then we turned around and there was poop on the floor.... And the only thing that happened was Elder Coontz whispered "there's poop on the floor" well thanks... So they told us to take a walk cause it would be a while so we rescheduled for the next day but they were too sick the next day as well... 

Well it was pretty uneventful other than that! But zone conference was awesome! The spirit was for sure there! And we learned a lot!! I met some new missionaries and we got a free lunch! So I was happy! (ADD started acting up in hour 7) 

I am excited for this week but don't want Elder Coontz to leave because then I'm in charge of the area... Which is bad. I'm not a good enough missionary for that!  But if He wants me to do it I'll do it. 

Hope all is going good! Have a good time at school everybody! Love you all! Remember who you are! Return with honor! Enjoy free food! Peace out my brethren and sisteren!

Elder Rollins

So here are some things we learned.  According to Elder Coontz's mother he left the mission on Thursday.  He has to have surgery on his torn ACL.  He injured it playing basketball.  

One thing that Josh mentioned that they learned at zone conference is that the mission is no longer allowed to play basketball or soccer on p-day.  He might die. 

Tell us about a time you laughed with someone? We are always laughing! It is what takes the edge off of rude people.but there was a guy who was wearing a pure white onesie... So we laughed pretty hard.

Did you feel the Spirit guiding you this week?  When? When we were on our way to teach Jackie I felt like we just needed to remind her that we are her friends. So we did. Then she told us that her best friend said that if she became "Mormon" they would stop being friends.

Did you get your tire fixed? Nope haven't bought a pump! 

Did the members feed you this week? Yes the members fed us! Yummy! (Oh and I  had some apples! Yum!!!)

We heard LA is having a heat wave. How hot did it get today? 108

What did you do today since you can't play sports?  We played board games and hung out with the Chinese.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Twas the week before the other week.

This is the only picture he sent this week.  He said "Coolest Ancestors!"  I think he wants to do some temple work for the "The Champion" and "The Bull"

(preface from Mom: Josh's uncle Andrew got a flake of metal stuck in his eye and it started to rust so they had to take a small grinder and grind it into dust like pieces and then swab it out.)  

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  There, I had to get that out! 

Helllllllloooooo everybody! How you all doing!? Awesome. 

Brandon, happy b-day buddy OLD (emphasis added) pal!! Glad you could be part of the family! Have a wonderful
day! Eat some good food! 

Sorry about the letter last week! It was very rushed! So this week you get a special treat! To be inside the mind of a missionary! At least a little. So Monday through Thursday was sad and hard, Bleh Bleh "insert feelings here" blah blah #struggleisreal, Bleh Bleh #dontwannatalkaboutit. 

So Friday we finally get some stuff going! Some lessons got set up and we felt good! Saturday we go to see Alice, now we had told ourselves that if she didn't come to church we would move on, well we went to her house and visited and got a commitment to come to church.  We then went and visited some other people and those visits were good. Then yesterday (Sunday) I woke up and promptly felt like something was wrong, so we called Alice and she had been talking to her daughter, (the one who doesn't like us) and had decided a different church was where she belonged. Well fine then!  I felt like I had pulled an Andrew and someone was using a grinder on my eyeball!  So it didn't happen! Bye bye Alice. (Insert Taps) I hope she makes it another time. 

The good news is, Jackie came to church and we got a new investigator, Bryton! And Jackie might be able to get baptized! Thanks for your prayers! 

Well, I can't complain! Somebody out there is hungry and thirsty and I have to go feed them. 

Love you all a lot! 

Elder Merrill says my mother doesn't love me.  As if my week needed to be any worse.  Sigh.  
jk It didn't make my week worse I am just trying to get him in trouble!

Thanks! Ok now I'm done! Love love!

Elder Rollins

So how was your week?  Goodish!

How did the 12 referrals go?  Not good.

How is Alice?  Did she go to church yesterday? Not good.

How about Jackie? Jackie is great! She is our new hope! 

What about David and his wife?  Are you still working with them? They acted a little weird last time and we haven't caught them home since.

Tell me about a time you felt the spirit working through you this week?  I felt it when I was teaching our new investigator and we were talking about Joseph Smith! Yay!

Did you open your mouth more this week?   I think so!

Tuesday, September 2, 2014


This week! Your challenge is to read 1 Nephi chapter 1 and 2 AND apply it to you and your family today!

If you'd like you can go further!

Remember who you are ~Mufasa

Love ya,

Elder Rollins

In the Hood, which is Good.

Hey there y'all, (elder coontz accent is wearing off on me). Except he don't have one. Well anyway this week was a slow week, literally talked to Alice told her the importance of church almost everyday and she still didn't show up.  So this week was slow, but we pulled through and have 12 referrals to contact next week! So it should pick up! Well I can't think of any good stories really this week. I could tell you about walking and walking but I can't complain because my bike is the one with a flat tire. Oh dearest Dave, forgive me for ever making fun of you riding your bike in weird clothes, at least they are shorts! 

Now that I'm done complaining! I love being out here and working for my savior, I will never pay him back, but they never said you couldn't try. Ok I have to get ready to leave right now but I will hopefully write more a little later! Love you!

Elder Rollins

I asked Elder Rollins for what advice he would give to a friend who is struggling with becoming worthy to serve a mission.  Here was his answer.

Tell him to put himself in a missionaries shoes... Then imagine when someone asks him a question about repentance and how he will feel if he hasn't repented.  And how the investigator will say they don't want to meet anymore because he is trying to teach something without the spirit. The guilt he will feel. You can't change lives until you change yours.

Tell me about what kind of missionary you are now and what kind of missionary you want to be? What are your plans for becoming that man? Well right now I don't talk enough during the lessons so I'd like to change that.i just have to "open my mouth" other than for a yawn.

Are you feeling like you are becoming more kind and understanding? Yes I am changing. I actually care how people are feeling. Kind of sad because it makes it harder to tease.... But I still do it!!

Are you praying for charity and love for everyone? Yes I am! Are you? 

What kind of drink are you drinking on facebook?  Its the Chinese equivalent of root beer, and it's nothing like root beer..... *shudder*

When did you feel the spirit guiding you this week? felt the spirit guiding me to ask certain questions to Jackie which helped her to eventually decide she would recommit to coming to church.
What did you study about this week? Do you feel like your study sessions are effective? This week I  read out of the Book of Mormon (so I can challenge the cousins and others to do it) pretty good!!! Yea! Usually, sometimes I need a spray in the face,(literally) to stay awake but other than that they are good! 

Besides humor how do you deal with rejections? Talk about them.

How is Jackie doing? She is good!

Love you!