Wednesday, September 17, 2014

The Poop Hit the Floor

---- Warning-----  This is a gross post.  I apologize. 

Hello everybody! S/O to Emma bema who's day of birth was not yesterday but she did have a birthday! Happy bday! Hope you got some awesome stuff! Ok. Now back to me cause I'm important. Jk. 

Sorry I didn't write yesterday it was zone conference so p-day is today! Well just to let you know Elder Coontz tore his acl and has to go home to have surgery so I will get a new companion very soon! So we have had to take it pretty easy.

So we talked to Jackie and she wrote a 10 page letter to Elder Coontz I don't know what it was about cause I sure ain't reading the  long thing! Sheesh. So she is doing good and is still coming to church. Thank you for the prayers for her. Bryton hasn't responded to texts so we will keep trying. So it was still a pretty good week. 

We got a call from the hospital and they told us some person wanted us there. So we went and met with them and they told us about their awesome house. (They own an island) then suddenly they got up and said turn around elders! So we flipped around (I expected zombies, or clowns, or angry mom) but they sprinted to the bathroom and yelled "oh $^@&" and we were like oooook....... Then we turned around and there was poop on the floor.... And the only thing that happened was Elder Coontz whispered "there's poop on the floor" well thanks... So they told us to take a walk cause it would be a while so we rescheduled for the next day but they were too sick the next day as well... 

Well it was pretty uneventful other than that! But zone conference was awesome! The spirit was for sure there! And we learned a lot!! I met some new missionaries and we got a free lunch! So I was happy! (ADD started acting up in hour 7) 

I am excited for this week but don't want Elder Coontz to leave because then I'm in charge of the area... Which is bad. I'm not a good enough missionary for that!  But if He wants me to do it I'll do it. 

Hope all is going good! Have a good time at school everybody! Love you all! Remember who you are! Return with honor! Enjoy free food! Peace out my brethren and sisteren!

Elder Rollins

So here are some things we learned.  According to Elder Coontz's mother he left the mission on Thursday.  He has to have surgery on his torn ACL.  He injured it playing basketball.  

One thing that Josh mentioned that they learned at zone conference is that the mission is no longer allowed to play basketball or soccer on p-day.  He might die. 

Tell us about a time you laughed with someone? We are always laughing! It is what takes the edge off of rude people.but there was a guy who was wearing a pure white onesie... So we laughed pretty hard.

Did you feel the Spirit guiding you this week?  When? When we were on our way to teach Jackie I felt like we just needed to remind her that we are her friends. So we did. Then she told us that her best friend said that if she became "Mormon" they would stop being friends.

Did you get your tire fixed? Nope haven't bought a pump! 

Did the members feed you this week? Yes the members fed us! Yummy! (Oh and I  had some apples! Yum!!!)

We heard LA is having a heat wave. How hot did it get today? 108

What did you do today since you can't play sports?  We played board games and hung out with the Chinese.

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