Tuesday, September 2, 2014

In the Hood, which is Good.

Hey there y'all, (elder coontz accent is wearing off on me). Except he don't have one. Well anyway this week was a slow week, literally talked to Alice told her the importance of church almost everyday and she still didn't show up.  So this week was slow, but we pulled through and have 12 referrals to contact next week! So it should pick up! Well I can't think of any good stories really this week. I could tell you about walking and walking but I can't complain because my bike is the one with a flat tire. Oh dearest Dave, forgive me for ever making fun of you riding your bike in weird clothes, at least they are shorts! 

Now that I'm done complaining! I love being out here and working for my savior, I will never pay him back, but they never said you couldn't try. Ok I have to get ready to leave right now but I will hopefully write more a little later! Love you!

Elder Rollins

I asked Elder Rollins for what advice he would give to a friend who is struggling with becoming worthy to serve a mission.  Here was his answer.

Tell him to put himself in a missionaries shoes... Then imagine when someone asks him a question about repentance and how he will feel if he hasn't repented.  And how the investigator will say they don't want to meet anymore because he is trying to teach something without the spirit. The guilt he will feel. You can't change lives until you change yours.

Tell me about what kind of missionary you are now and what kind of missionary you want to be? What are your plans for becoming that man? Well right now I don't talk enough during the lessons so I'd like to change that.i just have to "open my mouth" other than for a yawn.

Are you feeling like you are becoming more kind and understanding? Yes I am changing. I actually care how people are feeling. Kind of sad because it makes it harder to tease.... But I still do it!!

Are you praying for charity and love for everyone? Yes I am! Are you? 

What kind of drink are you drinking on facebook?  Its the Chinese equivalent of root beer, and it's nothing like root beer..... *shudder*

When did you feel the spirit guiding you this week? felt the spirit guiding me to ask certain questions to Jackie which helped her to eventually decide she would recommit to coming to church.
What did you study about this week? Do you feel like your study sessions are effective? This week I  read out of the Book of Mormon (so I can challenge the cousins and others to do it) pretty good!!! Yea! Usually, sometimes I need a spray in the face,(literally) to stay awake but other than that they are good! 

Besides humor how do you deal with rejections? Talk about them.

How is Jackie doing? She is good!

Love you!

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