Tuesday, August 26, 2014

The Goo/ad Week

It has been a good yet bad week. You will soon see! Hope all is well! Lots of fun and stuff. School. Hah. Heh been there! So let us begin this week. Monday night. Nothing happened. Boringgggg day. No tears for me though. I am pretty sure I got through the entire les mis soundtrack in my head!

Now we visited Alice every day this week. She was awesome till the end... What is the end? Ohohohoh you'll have to wait. Then the rest of the week.  I don't really remember anything specific. Lots of lessons. Teaching good stuff. Pretty much how the entire week went! Lessons, good things happening, nobody feels the earthquake! Yay! 

Oh yeah we bought Panda Express for Elder Coontz 17 month mark. Yum real Americanized Chinese food. Not this chicken feet with 1000 year old eggs and sushi stuff. The crab in the pasta wasn't too bad just a little surprising. Like what the heck is that. But I survived. We ran out of groceries So handfuls of Fruit loops and crackers are my current sustenance. Sometimes we get fed soggy cabbage. With Mac and cheese. Yum. Hehe mission life. 

Alright well I am obviously searching for things to write. So I will get to the thing that is on my mind. Alice... Baptismal date is for Sunday, right!? Well Saturday she was just fine and then we call and she is sick. Again.  (We planned on dragging her out of bed and dunking her) So Sunday right before she needs to leave to come.she calls and informs us she will not be able to come and we didn't have to drop by to see her today... 
Cold feet much? So I put back the white clothes and now we are sad/mad. To make it better the bus drives by us while we are thirty feet from the bus stop. So we walk all the way to church. Then everyone is asking about her. Worst day ever. 

Well I survived. Yay! That is still good! And I don't have to dump ice on my head! Mom... What in the world are you wearing a garbage bag for? Dad why haven't you done it? Or the boys? Anyways to prove I had a partially good week despite the bad finish I will send a video of a fun contacting moment. Yay! And pictures! 

Love you all! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Rollins

Answers to Questions?

We are still praying for your investigators.  How are they all doing? I don't want to talk about investigators. They don't realize I'm trying to help save their gosh darn souls. Oh well they are good! Thanks for the prayers

Did you hear about the earthquake in San Fran? Didn't hear about it. Weird.

It was fun to see a picture of your district.  Do all of them speak English? Yes they all speak English. 

So you mentioned District meeting.  Is that always on Thursday? What do you do at District Meetings? Elder Coontz teaches some assigned subject and I get to sit and listen. 

The guys you play basketball with were not in the picture so are they in a different district? Are they in your zone? They just be up in my zone. ?

So how are you feeling about your effectiveness as a teacher?  What can I do as a mom to help your little brothers to be prepared? I can always be more effective. More gospel related convo would help.

Do you ever get to go to the temple? We get to go around conference time.

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