Monday, March 23, 2015

Bike Fail

This goes out to homies in the 801,

Well, this week was pretty boring, Meeting on meetings topped with a meeting. Training, then Elder Slade had to go to the Angolan consulate in LA while I worked with the ZLs. We had a good time though. Kai fell of the edge of the world and Matthew is doing wonderful, trying hard to find new investigators today. Week of fails, my body like stopped working on me a while ago.

But the real fail, was when I was leaving the house, the Spanish elders who live next door said I hope you crash, two minutes later, I was on my face in the middle of the road. My bike was literally on my back and my suit coat was over my head. So I was biking and I took my hand off to adjust my bag, and my tire turned 90 degrees in a crack in the gutter and I went flying over the handlebars and landed on my stomach (my tie was ok) but it was painful.

There is my funny story, the rest of the week was work work work, but I laughed, cause  I'm a missionary.

Love you all! The church is true!

Elder Rollins

Monday, March 16, 2015


Que pasa Mufasa!

Hope everyone had a wonderful week!

Mom and Dad! Happy Eternal Family Day! Thanks for getting married so you could have such wonderful boys! I'm sure they are your favorite blessings!

This week was hard again, not much really happened, but Matthew's brother is awake and doing well! Matthew got a priesthood interview, he is service ready! Love him to death!

Also for transfers we are staying the same.

Anyway the weather this week was in the 90s and I ran out of short sleeves. It was no Bueno.

Now for the funny story, apparently it was meat loaf appreciation week. Because all the members we ate with said, "It's been a while since we've had meatloaf". We enjoyed it anyway! Could be eating chicken feet! But one was made by a super sweet older lady, and while I was eating, I found a giant hair, it felt like I was coiling up a rope, I didn't want to offend her, so I kept drinking water so she would get up and go get me more and I'd pull on the hair as fast as I could, I drained three cups of water. After dinner I biked home at Mach twelve so I didn't wet my pants, you could have called it scout camp it was so intense. (In tents, get it?)

Anyway, that's the week. Next week will be the greatest week ever!

Elder Rollins

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Tough Week. Round 2. FIGHT!

Seems we have a birthday for the not so little Adam, drive safe, dude!

So it was a tough week, but we survived, we went on a hike this morning, I drove the polig rig, the mission mini van. That was fun. That's the pictures, lots of pictures, more will maybe come if I can get them off the iPad somehow. Anyways, success was down, but I got tri-tip stake and salmon, so I was ok. Unfortunately that means another short email.  

We did contact this guy and we just talked to him and bore testimony. He didn't live in our area but he was really excited to download the Book of Mormon!

Funny story: going on a mission is easy. Jk the real funny story is we went on three exchanges, so I was back with elder brown for a day, we were racing everywhere we went and I was pretending to yawn as I would pass him and there was this guy that took a picture of us, I'm sure it was beautiful.

This gospel is true! No doubt about it!

Elder Rollins
Study Struggle.  Do anything to stay awake. 
Josh'a zone went on a hike up Eaton Canyon.    Became a hermit.
Elder Lacey.  He is cool. 

Elder Brown and Elder Rollins

After the hike at President Nielsen's house (Pasadena Stake President)  We had breakfast here.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Put on my best, Stick out my chest and I'm off to the races again. (Quote from Newsies)

Hello everybody!

First, happy of all happy birthdays to dear aunt Brittney! 

I hope your week was better than mine! Literally we just contacted trying to get people to teach, no success, and kai got cold feet this week.

So I don't have much to report. Sorry. But I did see a man with a bunny hat on in a speedo.. Scarred. For. Life.

Anyway so this week was hard and I didn't want it for my new guy.. But it needed to happen I guess. But we will press forward! Because that's what we do. We roll.

Maybe if something cool happens today I'll write more.

Elder Rollins

Well the letter was depressing but at least he is still himself in video!