Monday, March 2, 2015

Put on my best, Stick out my chest and I'm off to the races again. (Quote from Newsies)

Hello everybody!

First, happy of all happy birthdays to dear aunt Brittney! 

I hope your week was better than mine! Literally we just contacted trying to get people to teach, no success, and kai got cold feet this week.

So I don't have much to report. Sorry. But I did see a man with a bunny hat on in a speedo.. Scarred. For. Life.

Anyway so this week was hard and I didn't want it for my new guy.. But it needed to happen I guess. But we will press forward! Because that's what we do. We roll.

Maybe if something cool happens today I'll write more.

Elder Rollins

Well the letter was depressing but at least he is still himself in video!

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