Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Happy Fathers Day

Hello everybody!

sorry about the slacking of last week hopefully I make it up this week!  So white washing! pretty hard! Don't know members too well, not too much going on! But hey, this next week will be better, we are starting to get better acquainted with everything so yep, haven't kicked the bucket yet!

Anyway, we had some crazy experiences

Met a guy, named Kingdom. Kingdom Come. Yep. No idea don't ask.  Also had a person we were trying to visit and this is about how the conversation went:

*ding dong*
(hairy arm opens door from couch, suddenly man with crazy eyes stands up)
us: hey is there a Joe here? (by the way, we know that he is Joe)
joe:yea yea he is inside, six month baby.
us:uhhhh ok, so...
joe:yea my name is brian nice to meet you!
us: alright cool nice to meet you.
joe: mmmm, ok ill go find joe, but you might have to come back later,
us: ok thats no problem.
joe: ok, come back later. (without going inside)
us: huh?
joe: yeah he is not here so come back later. *goes inside*
elder Hernandez: what the......
me: no idea...

Story of the week, got to love crazy people!!! they sure do make life interesting! Anyway in honor of the under appreciated holiday of yesterday, I say happy Dads day to all father figures in my life! Gracias! You are appreciated by me!

I was thinking about Dad during church and people kept talking about all of the memories of their dads so naturally so did I, and I decided to share those with you because they are pretty strange!

Memories of pops
the first one is kind of weird, but it was a family home evening on the stairs, and mom was "satan" (not anymore mom!) and dad was pulling us away and saving us from Satan. 

secondly, we have on deck, the time my brother got hit in the head by another brother with a baseball bat, and dad just rolled his eyes and the wailing began and said "oh brother". heh

and another, when we would try to be grumpy and you would do that dumb dance. nuff said.

That time when you could stop laughing because Jonny said "alright fat boy you want some of this!!!"

During a football game, i was running towards the endzone, and I heard you yelling from the side, and i looked over and you were running with me.

yet again, when i did wrestling and you came, and I had a guy pinned and you were practically on the mat yelling at me to pin him.

During basketball when you would call me Johnie mack

When you had a naked sock puppet and made mom cry (HEH high five! 🙌👏)

Star wars movies, car shows (specifically 69 mustang fastback) movies, listening to football games on the radio, making up your own lyrics to songs, bugging mom in general. family wrestling matches. punching me during Sacrament meeting and getting me in trouble. telling me you loved me when you gave me a hug goodbye a year ago, building pinewood derbies, priesthood meeting, biting your tounge, laughing with me, laughing at me. the whole shebang. we always just wanted to make you laugh, i would look at you during funny parts of a movie just to make sure it was cool to laugh. i dont know if you remember but i sure do. or that time when i was asked to go to a movie that wasnt good, and i said no, and mom freaked out and started bawling her eyes out, well i did that because i figured that i always went to movies with my dad anyway so if he wasn't going then meh whatever!

moral of the story is THANKS DAD! i am sure that Heavenly Father knew there was no better dad for me than you! Love you lots!

also love you to all the Grandpas!!!! youre examples did and do more than you will ever ever ever know. thank you from the bottom of my heart.

well everybody! have a faaaantastic week!

Love you all! oh and i think i forgot to mention that i was in the same ward as sister Bell right now.
k bye!

Elder Rollins
Elder Rollins and Sister Bell North Canyon seconders

What is the area like?  Pretty rich, mini Utah is the nickname... 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Seventeen (Aaron's Birthday Rap)

probably still a little drama queen,
Stealing all my junk,
Like a little bro punk,

Bright blonde hair,
Always breathin my air,
Dropped in my family
Stuck with me eternally

Got trials knockin on your door,
That's what older bros are for,
I know that I'm funny,
No I won't give you money,

And now you're all old
Still under mamas fold,
Don't waste that time
Don't waste my rhyme

Come on Aaron seventeen,
I know sometimes I was mean,
But I always got your back,
Even stop your heart attack,
Know I love ya through and through
I'll always be here for you,
You know you can turn to me,
I will try to help you see,
How to rep our family,
And keep your leaf on that tree,
Don't give up there's more to go,
Don't forget we always bro,
Help mom and dad
They really aren't that bad.

Say your prayers and go to church,
Stay in the boat no matter the lurch,
Hold on fast to the iron rod,
Remember please to turn to God,

Don't forget to work real hard,
The spirit is your best card,
Listen for him all the day
Everything will be ok.

The mish is the struggle bus,
But we tough don't mess wit us
Take your ticket, here's your seat,
Listen here to my sick beat,

We ship out for bout 2 years,
Shirts and ties and mamas tears,
Now part of the mo mo fleet,
Shoes so worn you see our feet,


Beep beep vroom vroom
Everybody make room!
Rollins in the house to stay.
We do not just come to play

Now let's try to be good,
While I'm servin in the hood,
Makin mama proud,
Specially when we work this crowd,

We must persevere,
We cannot fear,
Help you to see,
What you should be,

Now I close,
Stuck in this pose,
Put your what to the wheel,
Tell me how ya really feel.


Supposed to be a Rap, but haven't got a chance to put it to music.

Elder Rollins

Monday, June 15, 2015


Hey everybody!
This weeks is going to be super short due to lack of wifi!
But that's alright!
I'm not bitter!
So we have started from absolutely nothing... So it has been not easy, but hey we mostly just laugh and laugh and laugh, because we both have no idea who anybody is, but we do have one investigator who has a baptismal date! Her name is Stephanie she is really cool! Other than that, we did a ton of cleaning and it looks wayyyy better!

Well got to go!
Sorry, try to write more later!

Elder Rollins
Elder Rollins and Elder Hernandez

Monday, June 8, 2015


Well... It's my birthday, and guess what I got? An hour and a half of traffic, and transferred, also whitewashing (moving into a new area with a companion who has never been there either). So I have had worse birthdays! But I will survive, I've worn the big birthday boy button all day, but everyone thinks it's a joke, I'm going to see if anyone
notices and then guilt trip them into buying me meals.

Anyway, sorry I'm late, this week has been good, but they are giving our area to the sisters and I am now in Glendora with Elder Hernandez, he is short but cool,  I already know him pretty well!

Well, not much else to report on! Church is true!
Love you lots!

Happy Birthday to me.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Mitch's Visit

Mitch contacted Elder Rollins and offered to take he and Elder Taylor to lunch

What a cute Elder!
Mitch said he looked absolutely ridiculous on his scooter

So he took him to a bike shop and bought him a new bike. 

That looks better!

What a nice uncle!  Thanks Mitch!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I will survive!

Hay is for horses!

So I hope everybody's week went well, mine was aight! The weather here has been hot hot and hot with a side dish of tabasco sauce soup. so because of the drought we just wring out our clothes in a bucket and use that for doing dishes/ works pretty well.

Anyway we had a lesson with George and Carolina they are doing well and progressing well, just trying to get them to church, they always say they will come, then don't, weird, but its not like it hasn't happened before. we also had a lesson with Sal, he is a single guy who works at Universal Studios, and he has met pretty much every celebrity
that goes there because he is security, so he has some stories about awkward elevator situations with famous people with typical elevator music. pretty funny. His mom is a member in Vegas, so she was super excited when he told her he was meeting the Mormon guys. he is also progressing well.

We didn't get to meet with the brothers and sister this week, but they said they were doing well, I believe them. also we had a ward blitz where we split up with members and go talk to less actives, and finally I was charged by a huge dog, luckily it doesn't know how to turn door knobs cause I shut that door so fast the frames shook. The
member who was with me was like "huh, that was a big dog. the less active proceeded to yell at us as his bear dog barked its face off. "How do you know my name!" yada yada yada, I just stood on the porch until they shut the dog up, and told them to have a good day, maybe a little sarcastically but I tried really hard not to be so hopefully
the spirit made seem not to be. I feel for mail carriers.  Also while I was tearing down the street on good ole razor, some guy was like "yeaaaaaaaa thats whats up!!" I felt cool, too bad I couldn't stop to talk to him because no brakes. oh well. also I realized that i almost only have 1 more year of teenager, weird, good thing my maturity level still hasn't gotten to the age of accountability. by the time I'm 90 I might be mature!

Church is true humans! love you all! lots!
smile at somebody!
watch the new mormon message called Lift, it was really cool!
eat bacon.
love you!!!

Elder Rollins