Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I will survive!

Hay is for horses!

So I hope everybody's week went well, mine was aight! The weather here has been hot hot and hot with a side dish of tabasco sauce soup. so because of the drought we just wring out our clothes in a bucket and use that for doing dishes/ works pretty well.

Anyway we had a lesson with George and Carolina they are doing well and progressing well, just trying to get them to church, they always say they will come, then don't, weird, but its not like it hasn't happened before. we also had a lesson with Sal, he is a single guy who works at Universal Studios, and he has met pretty much every celebrity
that goes there because he is security, so he has some stories about awkward elevator situations with famous people with typical elevator music. pretty funny. His mom is a member in Vegas, so she was super excited when he told her he was meeting the Mormon guys. he is also progressing well.

We didn't get to meet with the brothers and sister this week, but they said they were doing well, I believe them. also we had a ward blitz where we split up with members and go talk to less actives, and finally I was charged by a huge dog, luckily it doesn't know how to turn door knobs cause I shut that door so fast the frames shook. The
member who was with me was like "huh, that was a big dog. the less active proceeded to yell at us as his bear dog barked its face off. "How do you know my name!" yada yada yada, I just stood on the porch until they shut the dog up, and told them to have a good day, maybe a little sarcastically but I tried really hard not to be so hopefully
the spirit made seem not to be. I feel for mail carriers.  Also while I was tearing down the street on good ole razor, some guy was like "yeaaaaaaaa thats whats up!!" I felt cool, too bad I couldn't stop to talk to him because no brakes. oh well. also I realized that i almost only have 1 more year of teenager, weird, good thing my maturity level still hasn't gotten to the age of accountability. by the time I'm 90 I might be mature!

Church is true humans! love you all! lots!
smile at somebody!
watch the new mormon message called Lift, it was really cool!
eat bacon.
love you!!!

Elder Rollins

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