Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Seventeen (Aaron's Birthday Rap)

probably still a little drama queen,
Stealing all my junk,
Like a little bro punk,

Bright blonde hair,
Always breathin my air,
Dropped in my family
Stuck with me eternally

Got trials knockin on your door,
That's what older bros are for,
I know that I'm funny,
No I won't give you money,

And now you're all old
Still under mamas fold,
Don't waste that time
Don't waste my rhyme

Come on Aaron seventeen,
I know sometimes I was mean,
But I always got your back,
Even stop your heart attack,
Know I love ya through and through
I'll always be here for you,
You know you can turn to me,
I will try to help you see,
How to rep our family,
And keep your leaf on that tree,
Don't give up there's more to go,
Don't forget we always bro,
Help mom and dad
They really aren't that bad.

Say your prayers and go to church,
Stay in the boat no matter the lurch,
Hold on fast to the iron rod,
Remember please to turn to God,

Don't forget to work real hard,
The spirit is your best card,
Listen for him all the day
Everything will be ok.

The mish is the struggle bus,
But we tough don't mess wit us
Take your ticket, here's your seat,
Listen here to my sick beat,

We ship out for bout 2 years,
Shirts and ties and mamas tears,
Now part of the mo mo fleet,
Shoes so worn you see our feet,


Beep beep vroom vroom
Everybody make room!
Rollins in the house to stay.
We do not just come to play

Now let's try to be good,
While I'm servin in the hood,
Makin mama proud,
Specially when we work this crowd,

We must persevere,
We cannot fear,
Help you to see,
What you should be,

Now I close,
Stuck in this pose,
Put your what to the wheel,
Tell me how ya really feel.


Supposed to be a Rap, but haven't got a chance to put it to music.

Elder Rollins

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