Monday, October 26, 2015

Pictures from a Member

We got these pictures and videos tonight!  Love the members!

The missionaries serving.
Good missionaries
We had the Elders over for dinner. 

Halla Ween

Well well well

This week was a good one! Mikes baptism was moved again, so that was again disappointing it seems that I am wont to swim in deep waters. And not baptismal waters, ouch, I just burned myself. Oh well! Because Mike WILL get baptized and it doesn't matter what time I want things to happen because no matter how impatient I get, the Lords work is on the Lords time, so I will wait.

Now to my next priority. Utah football, darn.

Ok I'm ok now

So anyway, we had a pretty successful week, we gave a few referrals to the YSA ward, we played basketball with this guy, who's name was Jigs he is from Manila. His name was cool so that's why I told you that part of my week. 

Now I have a super weird story.

So this is a gentlemen telling us about his "Joseph Smith" experience, now at first when he told us that, we were excited, hoping that meant a strong testimony, ok here is the story.  "So, I was in the Forest of San Diego and I went to this place we call Pringles, because of these Rapids that are in the area, and I wandered around and came across this rock, and I realized that it was a rock that Indians used to smash beans on, so I climbed on and prayed, and it was super spiritual........... So yeah" and that was it, Needless to say I was dumbfounded. I guess the Joseph Smith comes in because of the forest and praying, I don't think Joseph Smith knew of this Pringles place or the bean smashing rock. It was a good day.

The job of a missionary is pretty stressful and sometimes it gets released in really strange ways. This week it needed to be released, so the luchador mask came out. And long, long long story short, one Elder fell out of bed for fear of Hawaiian shirted nacho attack and a very loud noise resulted. Causing the neighbors to come banging on the door calling us hyenas. I don't think they have been on a safari. We were for sure gorillas. It was a good night. Ha.

This week was full of weird stuff, we had a tithing ties lesson, where we learned about tithing then about tying ties. Also I think I have discovered the gift of public transit, every time I say, "man I really don't want to miss the bus," it drives past. So I'm learning the gift of silence.

So there has been something on my mind, and that is courage, I got to meet with the youth, and I realized how much courage it really takes to be a good kid in a bad place, we are commanded to stand in holy places, but that will take more courage than ever before, that will take the courage of Moses and Abinadi, of Joseph and Noah, of Joseph and Hyrum, it takes a lot but it is possible, it will take work, but we need it, because it is Satan who wants us to be afraid, so don't be afraid, for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest! So Go and do!

I love every one of you!

Elder Rollins

So how was your week?   Greaaaaat
Did the baptism go through?  Nope
How is Saul?   Doing good
Did he go to church?   No he had to go to San Diego, Satan does not want him at church
Whatever happened to James?  Don't know, he fell off the planet
How are you doing?  Feeling lively!
How is your comp?  He's good
When did you feel the Spirit this week? We had a good lesson with Efrain an eternagator, and he started crying, oh yea
When did you serve someone?  We helped move all of this wood to the spot some member needed to do
their work.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Onward Ever Onward

Hello y'all

This is the report for this week!

So elder low, I'm finishing his training, third time I've been through training, gets easier every time I get trained! Pretty sure that it seriously is for me though since he is extremely excited to be a missionary, it's kind of refreshing honestly. Rejuvanting.  He is from West Jordan Utah. so obviously a good guy. We had some lessons with Mike he is our focus until his baptism, so we are hoping that it goes through! He is a good man with a strong testimony of our Savior, not very common these days!

A lesson I learned this week was Adapting, because basically everything happened that we wanted but never when we wanted it or when it was convenient.  For example, one day we were praying for somebody to at least talk to us and then a guy came and started talking to us just as our bus pulled up.   We ended up doing a lot of walking but it was good to talk to that guy! So we had to do little adaptions like that all week, even Sunday when the teacher had to leave and we were stuck with teaching on the spot, but iI prefer to teach that way anyway, keeps things
interesting and you seek the spirit more when you are under pressure. (maybe why we have trials?) We had fun with that. We also had a couple of Chinese people walk in who want to learn about Jesus in English, so we got well acquainted with google translate, it was rough, but fun.

We had something pretty cool happen as well, and it all started because we got the munchies, we were on exchanges and we got really hungry, so desperate that I even agreed to go to mcdonalds, (still regretting that one) While we were walking in we saw this lady outside crying.  She was dressed well but she obviously had recently been put out on the streets. She was crying by this mcdonalds so like Ammon, our spirits swelled at this opportunity. We started to talk to her asking her how we could help, we ended up walking in and buying her a mcdonalds meal. She whispered a thank you and we gave her our card.  We got our food and then we went back to work and as we were walking down a street a random guy came running from behind us, we stopped and he told us how impressed he was with what we had done, we exchanged info so hopefully something happens with that!

Well I have got to go now but just know that the Atonement is real! It is waiting for you! don't get discouraged! I am glad it is at least getting cooler for you! Love all of you with all of me! Have a fantastic week! its almost Halloween, holy smokes!


Oh and GO UTES!!!!!!!!

Elder Rollins

How are you doing? Fannnntastic as usual
Did Mike get baptized? Not until this weekend, fingers crossed, his dad's birthday was Saturday so he moved it back a week
What else exciting happened this week? Nothing too out of the ordinary
Did you teach any good lessons?  Yes Mikes was good he bore his testimony to us
Did you get Saul to get off work and come to church?  No. But this week we will
How are the new pants? Good.
What have you been doing and feelin the last couple weeks since you really haven't written since you have been so busy? Stressed! But that's ok it means I'm alive!

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Great Week!

Got a new companion, Elder Low, he's from South Jordan, Utah. It's been a good week! Elder Aagard was ready for home! Which I would be too! But he made it! Weird being there with him right begore he goes home... But I don't have much time to email, so I'll try to send more later!

Elder Rollins

How was your week? It was long for him and short for me
Was your comp excited to leave? Yes
How were those last few days with him? Hard for him, I thought it was funny
How long has your companion been out?  6 weeks. 
How is Mike?   Goooood
Is he excited for his baptism?   He says he is
Did you get Saul out to church?  No he was working
When did you feel the Spirit this week? Saying goodbyes was good!
How did you serve someone this week?  We helped somebody do their yard work.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Doing boring laundry.

Temple trip was good, will try to send an update! 


So as before mentioned, the temple trip was great! Always nice to spend a day in the house of the Boss, best Boss ever. We had a good chat.

Well, Mike is going to be baptized a week from Saturday! Woo! So that's the good news. We are excited for him!

Then we have our wonderful general conference, that was great! President Monson was shaky but kudos to him for shakin it off and plugging along, what a good man! I would exhort you to read those talks again! They are pretty phenomenal!

We had a rainstorm! It was pretty good! Ruined my hair. But I didn't actually care, at all. Because it rained! And it was pretty cool! Heh. Cool. Anyway, I had to wake up at Dad's time this morning, 'twas fun. I practically Ran a marathon, because we were late, and we had to catch a bus, so we chased it. Caught it, oh yeah. But no biggie. 

Well got to go.but I love all of you! The church is obviously true, not many things could get me up that early.

Some hot pancakes would!

Elder Rollins

Why are you in a trunk?  Had to cram for conference. 
It rained.

If it was raining why didn't you use your umbrella?  I didn't have one, it started while we were out. 
How are you getting along with your companion? Good! Just working on getting him home safe and sound! 
Are you still being obedient?  We heard a lot about that in conference didn't we?  Yes yes we sure did 
Where did you go to watch conference? Stake center 
How is Mike?  Getting baptized in two weeks
How is Saul?  Trying to come to church
Did you see James this week? No
When did you feel the Spirit this week? Conference
What was one thing you got out of conference? The Spirit
Did Mike go to conference? Actually yes! 
Did you serve someone this week? Yes, a member needed help putting in stepping stones