Thursday, October 8, 2015

Doing boring laundry.

Temple trip was good, will try to send an update! 


So as before mentioned, the temple trip was great! Always nice to spend a day in the house of the Boss, best Boss ever. We had a good chat.

Well, Mike is going to be baptized a week from Saturday! Woo! So that's the good news. We are excited for him!

Then we have our wonderful general conference, that was great! President Monson was shaky but kudos to him for shakin it off and plugging along, what a good man! I would exhort you to read those talks again! They are pretty phenomenal!

We had a rainstorm! It was pretty good! Ruined my hair. But I didn't actually care, at all. Because it rained! And it was pretty cool! Heh. Cool. Anyway, I had to wake up at Dad's time this morning, 'twas fun. I practically Ran a marathon, because we were late, and we had to catch a bus, so we chased it. Caught it, oh yeah. But no biggie. 

Well got to go.but I love all of you! The church is obviously true, not many things could get me up that early.

Some hot pancakes would!

Elder Rollins

Why are you in a trunk?  Had to cram for conference. 
It rained.

If it was raining why didn't you use your umbrella?  I didn't have one, it started while we were out. 
How are you getting along with your companion? Good! Just working on getting him home safe and sound! 
Are you still being obedient?  We heard a lot about that in conference didn't we?  Yes yes we sure did 
Where did you go to watch conference? Stake center 
How is Mike?  Getting baptized in two weeks
How is Saul?  Trying to come to church
Did you see James this week? No
When did you feel the Spirit this week? Conference
What was one thing you got out of conference? The Spirit
Did Mike go to conference? Actually yes! 
Did you serve someone this week? Yes, a member needed help putting in stepping stones

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