Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Hello hello hello

News from the front lines

This week was tough, temperatures in the triple digits, chances of people being on the street, 0 chances of walking the streets 100% with a 110% chance of perspiration. We looked rather pitiful. Oh well.

It seems that Halloween is coming close, also saw Christmas lights out for sale today. Wow. But with Halloween comes scary stories, and one member told us of one that was creepy, I will not repeat it for fear of scaring myself, but of course, we had to walk home, I wasn't to excited for that, we walked out and there were no other humans, and the lights timers all seemed to be on the setting "turn off when walked under", so naturally we were walking at Mach 12, I think I wouldn't be a good speed walker, because both feet were off the ground. Then a twig snapped, and I spun around, that inch and a half lizard hand no chance. Lucky for it it ran into a thorn bush. We made it home safely after that. Good thing.

Another quick story, we were visiting some members, and their kids had some friends over, when the kids saw us, of course we were immediately the celebrities of the nine year old birthday party. We stood surrounded by the humans and we answered some questions from the ones who didn't know who we were, then, one of the kids who does know us wanting to impress his friends yelled "they are the mercenaries!"

So. Naturally I have been wielding a Book of Mormon and some pretty sweet nun chucking skills. (Catch that pun? Literally laughing out loud) hehe nun chucking, funny. Anyway we took it heart, I wanted to try it as a contacting approach "hi we are the mercenaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints." Heh well we got to teach
Mike and Saul this week so that was good, Mike is still excited to go, he is a good guy, he has a good attitude!

And in closing I say GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!!

Elder Rollins

How are you surviving in the heat?  Surviving yes
How is Mike? Progressing
How is Saul?  Trying to get to church
How is James? Also trying to get him to church
When did you feel the spirit this week? Teaching Mike
How do you know that you are being the missionary the Lord needs? Because I'm still protected

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