Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Saul good in the Hood

hi hi hi!

This week was good! hot but good! Mike is on vacation so we haven't seen him in a while, He is doing good and we are going to see him this week. We got a sweet referral that is a members uncle and we got to teach him this week.  We are going to try again this next week but it may be difficult, because the member wasn't at church. oh well. 

Wee are going to have a seventy come visit us this week so we are excited for that. His name Echohawk, so cool. We went shopping, and all the Halloween stuff was out. wow. Halloween. Crazy!  Can't wait for after Halloween when the Halloween candy is super cheap! 

Story this week, a recent convert in our ward, Albert, was going to East Pasadena to take elder Stutzman out for his birthday.   As a joke Albert said that the whole time he just told Stutzman how I was questioning my mission because he wasn't my companion and that I had basically gone crazy.   Pretty funny. But I am expecting a call from either president or stutzman. should be interesting. 

Another one was that we were doing a lesson with a crazy family and one of the daughters who doesn't like me decided that the whole time I was teaching she would lick me. I asked her to stop multiple times and then said, if you do that again I will destroy you. This 10-year-old looked a little stunned. but quickly forgetting about it licked me again, that's the closest I've come to biting my tongue.  I did push her off the couch and told her she could lick my shoes next. my arm was disgusting, they all thought it was super funny. I did not. but now it sounds pretty funny. heh.  (Josh has a habit that when he get angry he bites the end of his tongue.  Have Dave show you since he does the same thing.)

The church is still true, and that won't change. hallelujah. We were talking in a meeting about the Atonement and how we get people closer to Christ and it came to my mind of when a kid gets scraped or bruised or hurt they go to their mother. They trust their mother because of the love she shows them and that should be the same thing for us with turning to Christ. As missionaries we are supposed to show as much of Christ's love as we can, so that when we have to step out of the picture, The Savior is in our place, and the people are pulled in by His love instead of ours. It is comforting to think that my back up, front line, left side, right side, upside, downside, is all covered by the Only Begotten. Why should we fear? This journey is hard enough so how about instead of pushing his hand away and saying, "no thanks, I got this, your Gift wasn't for me" we just try the gift first.  Maybe He knows what he is doing! Don't be prideful!

Love you all! 


Elder Rollins 

You haven't bit your tongue at anyone all mission long?  yep I made it a goal, also I've been off of soda for over a month now.
You haven't mentioned Rudy in a few weeks.  Are you still teaching him? Um. He has been unavailable. 

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