Tuesday, September 22, 2015

I Find Your Lack of Faith Distrubing - Darth Vader

Hello everybody! 

Do you like my new "Suit"?  
This was a good week! Everybody is doing well! Mike is back in town so that is good and we also picked up a new guy named Saul, Saul is really cool he likes soccer and was born in Ecuador. He is probably going to get baptized next month so that is super good! So naturally we are pretty excited. But now I have to tell you a story. 

So all of this Star Wars stuff is all over the stores around here. And there was a shirt that says, I find your lack of faith disturbing, and I was about to get it and I was going to wear it over my shirt at the mission conference, I was talked out of it because a seventy was coming, but this random guy was looking at the shirt too and I was laughing at the image of me going in front of a general authority, and the guy said, "I wish I had faith" now I totally thought this was some member playing a joke, so I turned and said "I have some!" Then he gave me a weird look and I realized he was being real, so I had a chance to talk to him about faith, moral of the story is, I'm going to convince my president to let me see Star Wars because i used it to contact that guy. 

Pretty good I thought, also I have been saying random Star Wars quotes all the time because I think it's super funny, for instance we were and this guy on the phone said no three times so I said in my best Sidious voice "no no no! You must die!" And was the only one laughing, it was pretty great. But on a slightly more spiritual note, there was a lesson where we talked a lot about pride, and I realized that pride has a lot of different faces, in the scriptures there is no such thing as good pride so said president benson in his beware of pride talk, but I realized that I was taking the wrong kind of pride in my investigators, so I had to change my way of thinking, now I am trying to be humbled at their progress, so this week all of you have to have a pride check, sadly you will find more than you thought, but that is good! Recognition is the first step to repentance! So get going! 

Well hope you all have a fantastic week! Byeeeeee! 

Elder Rollins

Elder Aagard loves to draw, like a lot, so jokingly I said to draw a picture of me and he did, and this is what he drew, no joke, I think I need to change my attitude, nonetheless an awesome picture.
Where did you find Saul? Other missionaries
Did you get the "faith" guys number?  No, he wasn't interested.
When did you feel the Spirit this week? During Saul's lesson on the first vision, 
When did you feel discouraged and what did you do about it? When some lessons fell through, laughed
What did you do to serve someone this week? Helped a member rip out her carpet
Do you know we love you? Yes

How was Elder Echo Hawks visit?  What did he teach you? It was a good visit, he told us to be obedient and we would baptize,
So how are you and Elder Aargard doing? Doing good.
How is Mike?  Mike is happy and excited for his baptism.
How are things going with James?  He got a job, that's good, but harder to meet with him
Who else is in your teaching pool? Nobody else really
How is your knee?  All better? Yep all better. 

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