Tuesday, September 8, 2015


So, basically this week I got a little sick at the beginning and my comp at the end of the week, a sick sandwich.

Besides that we had a sublime time. (Nice rhyme) (oo double) (now we're in trouble) (nice *high five myself).  We visited lots of members introducing elder Aagard, that was fun. We also got another random golden referral, some member was just like "hi this is my uncle, he's not a member, and I think he's gold, will you come teach him?" And I was like "well, I mean, I guess...." Big sacrifice. Just kidding it was great!

We had a good lesson with Mike as well, he is doing good his baptism is set for the third week in October. We are doing well! Living life in the fast lane, seriously thought my mission is going super fast, it doesn't help that my companion only has 5 weeks, but I'm at the point where I don't want it to end! Never thought it would happen!

Well the church is true!
Also don't get offended by people, that's just an excuse. You have a choice. Don't be lame. Ok! Peace!

Elder Rollins

What kind of sickness did you guys get? Cold

Where is your companion from? He goes home next transfer?  Is he pretty trunky? Florida, he is going home in 5 weeks, it comes and goes.

So what is the name of the golden uncle? 
James Alexander

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