Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Rough week

Baptism didn't happen, pretty disappointed, then I was told that it was our fault because we didn't prepare him enough. Which sucked. But it's ok I haven't lost my sense of humor.  Moral of the week: be prepared #BSA #scar&hyenas Lol

Anywhosits, we had a good week despite the heat and such, had some good lessons, but we had to drive Stutzman to east Pasadena, so really short! But I love you all!

K bye!

Elder Rollins

So Elder Stutzman is being transferred? Yes. 
Who is your new companion? Aagard
What is he like?  Where is he from? Haven't met him yet. 
What have you done today? I've been driving around missionaries all day. Because the zone leaders needed me too 
How is Rudy doing? Are you still teaching him? Yep he's doing great
How is your random referral? Referral is good

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