Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Great Week!

Got a new companion, Elder Low, he's from South Jordan, Utah. It's been a good week! Elder Aagard was ready for home! Which I would be too! But he made it! Weird being there with him right begore he goes home... But I don't have much time to email, so I'll try to send more later!

Elder Rollins

How was your week? It was long for him and short for me
Was your comp excited to leave? Yes
How were those last few days with him? Hard for him, I thought it was funny
How long has your companion been out?  6 weeks. 
How is Mike?   Goooood
Is he excited for his baptism?   He says he is
Did you get Saul out to church?  No he was working
When did you feel the Spirit this week? Saying goodbyes was good!
How did you serve someone this week?  We helped somebody do their yard work.

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