Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Downhill Scooter X games 2015

Well hello hello dearest friends and compatriots,and family

So its been another week in paradise, scooting around! Actually I don't think I have ever been talked to more because now everyone asks us where my bike is and that they didn't know Mormons were allowed to ride scooters, so we have been capitalizing on that!

Anywho, about my week,

So this week we have been asking for miracles and were able to see little ones every day, for instance, being on a scooter I realized that the brake is not really all that reliable.  We live really close to the mountains, much like back home and we had an appointment at the northernmost border of our area, in other words, the mountains. We
scooted on up and went to the appointment where nobody answered, I was like oh man, and then I turned and looked down that massive massive hill, which I knew flattened out, and then continued on to another hill probably about 2 miles down.  I began my descent, Elder Taylor stayed behind me because "I want to watch you crash" so naturally I took it as a challenge.   Remember I mentioned before that I had no brake, well I tried the brake anyway and sparks started flying and I was still going wayyy too fast!  I did the only logical thing I could think of I 
started pedaling backwards. (Think of someone riding a scooter and pushing forward up the hill.  I was putting my feet down and pushing up the hill while heading downhill.  Backwards)   I was slowing myself down! In the process my groin muscle was about ready to pop, that was a lot of force applied over and over and over again. Finally we got to a stop light and I looked up but I still had miles to go! I continued all the way home, no falling, but when i woke up the next day I couldn't move my leg very well or basically at all, so I had a useless leg that day. Miracle that I didn't die though. 
My trusty steed
We also had zone conference and it was nice to get free lunch, we talked about the fundamentals and using those more too teach, but my favorite part of this week was we got three new investigators, Angel, Ariel and Andy, they are brothers and sister, (Ariel is the other brother) don't ask about the name no idea.  They are really cool! They were a referral from the Chinese sisters and their mom and dad want them to feel the spirit, they are 27 20 and 18. We are excited to see them progress.

Well, we have had a wonderful week here at the downhill scooter event,  please tune in next week for our halfpipe edition!

The best part is, the church is still true! I know it!

Church, Pray, Read!

love ya lots is precious!

Elder Rollins

How are Carolina and George doing? Just trying to get those stubborn peeps to church.
My comp, Elder Taylor
Elder Pixton and Eggs
Elder Blair
Locked my Heart

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