Monday, August 11, 2014


Hello fellow grandchildren!!! 

Welcome to the MTC!

You are all missionaries you just don't have the badge yet! So to help you realize your awesome potential, we are going to study together and then when you are done you can email me and tell me what you have learned!! 

This weeks topic is Charity! 

For the older kids. Meaning deacon/beehive to priest/laurel you will find the definition, 1 scripture and 1 conference talk read them and then report back and tell me what you learned! And I will be doing this as well! 

Little kids! Find 1 scripture and read one story out of the friend and tell me what you learned! 

Oh and Alex and Sam Rencher and Isaac I want 15 push-ups and then 20 sit ups and then you can find the scripture and read the friend article or look up charity and make the bigger kids look bad! 

Good luck! And may the spirit be with we!

Elder Rollins

P.S parents if you would like to join that would be awesome! The best study memories I have are when mom sat with me to do it. Even though I hated it.

Love you all!!

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