Monday, August 4, 2014

Welcome to the Zoo

Goooood morning to all! Hope it was a good week! Mine was betterish!! Which was all I could ask for! So, I can't wait to tell some stories! Good, bad, weird, you name it! So here is one of my favorites! Aight, we get up on twos day, committed to getting a good workout in. I begin the long and harrowing descent from the top bunk to the song chariots of fire playing in the background, I kinda sorta ish landed on my feet, annnnnd promptly decide that was an awesome workout, and I finish the descent by falling on my face flat on the floor! And caterpillaring over to my desk. Which then I push myself up (which counts as 1) into the chair. And attempt to keep my eyes open. Good workout.

Anyway, Mom asked if I take anything serious, so that day I was super serious, so serious that some guy reading the third book of Christ (don't ask, no idea) told me if I was preaching happy things I should be happy... Huh... I had no comeback for that, so mom I was super serious for 1 day and now I'm just 50% serious.

And now the reason for the subject of the email. People are strange, especially two teenage boys in slacks and a button down shirt and tie. So how's about, we stare at them, and when they smile back, let's look away really fast and pretend like it didn't happen! Well we went to in n out for a treat. And we were sitting kind of by the drinks dispenser majiggy. And there was a shorter old guy who was just staring, and when I'd catch him, he'd flip his head around super fast. So naturally, as a missionary, I chugged my drink at light speed, so bad that my nose hurt, and being the super cool guy that I am sped walked over there thinking this is the one guy who I came out for.... I can't ruin this and I was there and I said hi. And he said...... "Ching something shirt hurt your what." And the only thing I know how to say in Chinese is eng wan Bon. Or English class, so I was useless. So I pressed a button on the machine and took a sip so I didn't have to respond, it turned out to not be root beer so I
almost spat it back out. Still don't know what it was. 

We did find a guy named Fernando who seems solid! Yay! Buuuut Alice and Joseph are fighting again, annnnnd Joseph is moving out. And Alice is very forgetful so I'll let you know how that turns out!

 But Jackie a sixteen year old girl, who's mom wouldn't let her go to church, finally got permission and came to church so hopefully that turns out good! 

We planted some good seeds of faith in people and it wasn't too bad thinking my dern family is boating. Because I am "doing a great work, and cannot come down." 

Oh and another thing. We are talking to a less active named David Rivas. And his son likes to play batman video games. While we are teaching. Annnnnd he likes to watch avengers at the same time. Soooo obviously my trials are like wayyyyyyyyyyy harder than elder Merrill. Oh and to make it worse. We can't decide if we want to go to the driving range today, or go play basketball. Soooo jealous of elder Merrill's easy mission.... Jk love you bruh!!!!

Have a good week y'all!

Boys. School is starting soon. Muahahaha love youuuuuuuuu.

K now I'm done! Love you bye!!

Elder Rollins

Here are some questions that he answered.

Did Alice come to church again? Did Joseph come with her this time? Who else would you like us to pray for? Yes to Alice no to Joseph, Jackie needs prayers, thanks! 

Do the members feed you every night? What do they fix you for dinner? No we don't have dinners every night but they feed us whatever they want....ill eat it.... 

Do you have to cook? What do you cook? Sometimes we cook. We usually cook whatever we can. Chicken, bugs, squirrel, cold cereal

When do you take the metro and when do you ride your bikes? when we go to Boyle heights we ride the metro. Sometimes if we go a long ways north we ride metro. 

Do you ever open the curtains in your dark bedroom cave? Yes we open curtains sometimes,

Do you ever interact with kids? sometimes but we aren't allowed to interact with kids too much. 

What do you love about the people you have met? I love the people I've met because (usually) they are humble and want something different then what they have got out of their lives.

You mentioned the zone leaders are in your district what are their names? The ZLs are Adamson and Despain 

Are you working hard?  Being obedient? Listening to the spirit? Sure thing! Yes yes. 

Tell me about a time you felt the spirit this week. I felt the spirit when we were telling Alice and Joseph that they were wanted home by Heavenly Father and that baptism would get them there! 

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