Monday, August 11, 2014

Crazy, crazy week.

What's up y'all!!! Everything is good in the hood! Hope you had fun! Hope you got to do some missionary work! S/O(Shout Out)  to big G (Grandma) for her attempts! Woooo! Aight so let me begin from the beginning of the end of p day.

We stop emailing, go home and get groceries meet with joe and Alice. Cool cool joe says he is moving. (For the nine billionth time). 
Alice and Joseph

 Anyways we go home and that's the end of Monday.

Tuesday we are out looking for a deaf family to teach (no we didn't teach them, they weren't home, I know i know sad) anyway, we are out and there are three salesman (college kids, nerdy clipboards, know it all) selling some thing for kids in need. Cool bro. Well we are standing there trying to find an address and one of them comes up and this is how the conversation went.

College kid: hey we are licensed by the state of California to be out selling stuff and we are working this street.
Elder Coontz: so
College kid: so we are going to have to ask you to leave.
Elder Coontz: we aren't selling anything
College kid: I know but blahblahblahblah licensed call this number blahblahblahblah
Elder Coontz: we are visiting someone we know.
College kid: (back pedaling) oh well I didn't mean any offense blahblahblahblahblahblah
Needless to say I laughed pretty hard.

"Hard Mission.. cuz can't drive these."
Anyway Wednesday we taught Jackie (she went to church again) fun stuff she is still super shy but that's ok! Still had a good lesson! 

Then Thursday.  Here is the conversation between a basher and grumpy post-meeting elder coontz

Basher: hey you guys, how many books are in the bible?
Elder coontz: (with a look that would turn the sun into ice and then a don't talk to me look-away) ...........a lot
Basher: *scoff

So obviously a crazy week but that's not even the best part! Oh no! Saturday, the bishop is out of town. The grand kids (and non-member dad) decide it's a pool party time. We are on our way home a kid is following us. We are planning ways to either convert him or beat the snot out of him if he tries anything then we hear loud music. And we are like whaaaaaaaat?  We ask the kid if he is going to a party and he is. In our backyard. So amongst rap music and scantily clad people we get to our pad and attempt not to sing a long. Then we tell the zone leaders and they came and took us away. But amongst this I was looking for safety in the scriptures... So I prayed and asked if I could have some peace while thinking woe is me..... And I came across this verse... Please read it D&C 127:2.... This is my curse. But also my blessing!!!! I am excited to see what else comes my way!

Sunday,thanks to the late night party, I was tired at church... But I didn't sleep! So good! 

Love you all! Be good! Preach the gospel always and if necessary use words.
That's a good quote!
Love you all!  Peace!
Elder Rollins
"My tough look."

"My hood."
Questions Josh answered.

I told him about some of the kids were already starting school and we would be starting on the 25th. Yea school starts here this Wednesday Weird because I won't be going. 
I asked what he studied this week. I studied charity it was awesome to read some talks! I learned that it is much like inspiration will not come all at once. It will form like dew. Slowly but surely. I just wish it was faster! Maybe I should read on patience! 
I asked if he has started studying the chapter in Preach My Gospel on Christlike Attributes. No I haven't started. I've finished! It's super highlighted!
How are Joseph and Alice?  Did he move out?  It makes me laugh to hear about their fights.  You know Gpa Carter had a birthday this week and is now 92.  I can imagine he and gma fighting but he would rather cut off his big toe than leave her. Joe and Alice are good. Joe moved out and Alice's mind is slipping.. Maybe that is why grandpa Rollins mind started to slip is because I had to see it. Good for grandpa! He is not aloud to move on. Or move out. Until I am home!! 
How about Jackie? Jackie came to church again! And her mom agreed to talk to a member on the phone! Keep praying!  And another person to add to the list is Maria. Her husband is being reactivated and we are working on
her but she doesn't like being pushed, so it's hard! 
Your comp must be pretty mellow to put up with your shenanigans.  What sort of trainer is he? He is mellowish..I guess.. He mostly trains by example. And enjoys beating me up. But he is a good guy. 
Have you gone on splits? Yes we have to with the zone leaders. 
Have you kept track of any of your MTC friends? Yes I am still in touch with the guy from Alabama.he is in Bakersfield.
When did you feel the Spirit this week? i felt the spirit talking about eternal families to Jackie this week! 
Are you over just the one ward? What do you on Sundays? Yes just 1ward we go to church. Then we go out and  work.... Stressful day Sunday is. 

Love you! Don't forget the ring!! And if you wouldn't mind sending more of my ties that would be wonderful. Love love love you all! 

Elder Rollins

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  1. Funny about the elder in Bakersfield. That is where we are from, most of our family is there.