Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Twas the week before the other week.

This is the only picture he sent this week.  He said "Coolest Ancestors!"  I think he wants to do some temple work for the "The Champion" and "The Bull"

(preface from Mom: Josh's uncle Andrew got a flake of metal stuck in his eye and it started to rust so they had to take a small grinder and grind it into dust like pieces and then swab it out.)  

AHHHHHHHHHHHH!  There, I had to get that out! 

Helllllllloooooo everybody! How you all doing!? Awesome. 

Brandon, happy b-day buddy OLD (emphasis added) pal!! Glad you could be part of the family! Have a wonderful
day! Eat some good food! 

Sorry about the letter last week! It was very rushed! So this week you get a special treat! To be inside the mind of a missionary! At least a little. So Monday through Thursday was sad and hard, Bleh Bleh "insert feelings here" blah blah #struggleisreal, Bleh Bleh #dontwannatalkaboutit. 

So Friday we finally get some stuff going! Some lessons got set up and we felt good! Saturday we go to see Alice, now we had told ourselves that if she didn't come to church we would move on, well we went to her house and visited and got a commitment to come to church.  We then went and visited some other people and those visits were good. Then yesterday (Sunday) I woke up and promptly felt like something was wrong, so we called Alice and she had been talking to her daughter, (the one who doesn't like us) and had decided a different church was where she belonged. Well fine then!  I felt like I had pulled an Andrew and someone was using a grinder on my eyeball!  So it didn't happen! Bye bye Alice. (Insert Taps) I hope she makes it another time. 

The good news is, Jackie came to church and we got a new investigator, Bryton! And Jackie might be able to get baptized! Thanks for your prayers! 

Well, I can't complain! Somebody out there is hungry and thirsty and I have to go feed them. 

Love you all a lot! 

Elder Merrill says my mother doesn't love me.  As if my week needed to be any worse.  Sigh.  
jk It didn't make my week worse I am just trying to get him in trouble!

Thanks! Ok now I'm done! Love love!

Elder Rollins

So how was your week?  Goodish!

How did the 12 referrals go?  Not good.

How is Alice?  Did she go to church yesterday? Not good.

How about Jackie? Jackie is great! She is our new hope! 

What about David and his wife?  Are you still working with them? They acted a little weird last time and we haven't caught them home since.

Tell me about a time you felt the spirit working through you this week?  I felt it when I was teaching our new investigator and we were talking about Joseph Smith! Yay!

Did you open your mouth more this week?   I think so!

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