Monday, September 22, 2014


Hellloooooooooo everybody!! Hope all is well! Hope you all have a wonderful week of school/work/play! Last week was rather interesting! So Monday through Thursday not much happened at all.... Because we knew Elder Coontz was going home. So we pretty much did nothing. We visited Alice and Jackie so he could say goodbye. We were just kind of waiting for stuff to happen, unfortunately me not being injured, I wanted to get up and do something and get a baptism. But we didn't and I regret it. So I'm fixing it. And that is that! Anyway we are waiting to hear from the APs, and out of the blue Thursday night we get a call "Hi how are you, oh that's good, we are fine, oh by the way, we have a new companion for you and Elder Coontz is going home early Friday morning," here is what Elder Rollins Translation sounded like: "blah blah blah blah new companion blah blah in charge of area blah blah good luck sucker." So naturally I begin to pull a Kelli. "Ohmygoodnessthatmeansihavetodothisandthenthisandrunoverhereanddothis" 
Elder Rollins
So we went home and sat and waited. And of course I began to think of how horrible my companion would be. My image of him went something like this: he is going to be 4'11 wear coke bottle glasses, hates sports, and thinks because I am new I don't know anything. Well they rolled up in their nice shiny car. (Btw we have a car. Cause noob in huge area) anyway I see a head in the back that I swear didn't go above the door handle. My first thought was "oh great....I'm a prophet now" but then he got out and he wasn't too short! Whew. And he looked athletic! Yes! He said hey my name is Elder Bechaver (bee shaver) don't ask, I don't know. And I said something brilliant like "sup" (I get that from my dad) well we went inside with small chat. Oh Ya I hugged Elder Coontz and said goodbye. He probably is suffering from Rollins withdrawals. Just like Hailey Call. (There is your shout out).

Elder Bechaver
Anywho we started talking and I was saying little prayers that he played sports. So I asked him if he did. And he said Ya, I actually have scholarships for basketball........ Whoawhoawhoa back up. When I said I wanted him to play sports... I didn't say better than me!!!! So there is my biggest trial. And the worst part is, is that he has torn his ACL twice... Gotta be careful with this one. Well we worked hard these couple of days and I think we will get along well! He has a good, strong testimony. 

I felt the spirit in a lesson we had with a potential investigator while we were bearing testimony. It was awesome. We are planning to meet them later this week. I'll let you know! So Jackie and Alice both came to church! Awesome awesome. And we are committed to working harder and harder every day. It's game time! Well I'm going to go play board games! Cause no basketball! Church is true! Book is blue! God loves you! And so do I! Till we meet again!

Elder Rollins

I have been asked by people if they will see their dad again. And one of the best feelings I've had is watching their eyes fill with hope as I grab their shoulder and tell them "Well of course!

Change isn't really that hard for me actually... I guess I just figure that God needs me to learn a different lesson. So I'd better get studying! Love you too!

So you are staying in your same area?  Yes
You have a car? Are you kidding me? Yes,no
Where is Elder Bechaver from? Colorado
How long has he been out? 1 year
Where did they find a spare Elder?  In a tripanionship
When is transfers and do they think you will stay or do you not know? Next week.. I dunno.
Enjoy your board games.  Ugh...

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  1. So his biggest fear is having me as a companion?!?!?!?!, what a jerk