Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Holy Frijoles!

Well! This week was awesome! So here it goes! Elder Bechaver comes in and we just started bustin our tail ends off to get to work. Every single night this week I have fallen asleep so fast. It's ridonkulous! But we set a baptismal date for a young lady named heather. She is awesome! We met with her once and she said "how do I get baptized into your church. Bechaver was like " uhhhhhhh" I was like ohhohoho let me tell you! So we are excited for that! Our area is finally starting to light up and it's exciting to see!!! 

Elder Bechaver and Elder Rollins
Weirdest thing is is that Elder Bechaver got transferred after 1 week. Oh and Alice and Joseph are needing some prayers btw.. Just talked to them. Now I'm with Elder Leavitt! He is from Washington and seems pretty cool! So that is pretty much my week... Well as much as I can remember..... It went by soooooo fast....... I just want it to slow down. But I don't

So, shout out to Grandma Carter for the scare of the week! I saw your email address and I first thought it was going to be bad news! But I thank you for the letter! Much appreciated! 

Super sorry about this weeks letter too lame I know. Transfer weeks are the worst... Next weeks will be back to awesome! To anyone who is struggling or having a bad day.... HI!! You are amazing, wonderful,perfect, and are made exactly how God wants you to be! Love you all! Sorry again! 
Pasadena Zone Conference with President Villanueva

Love you see you miss you!

Elder Rollins

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