Monday, October 6, 2014

Conference was good! Girls are weird! Hi Mom! Sup Dad!

So it was a long week! Heather (who was a referral) is doing well! She was a little skeptical about how the Book of Mormon could be proven true if no one from that time is still alive today. So we will see how that goes! But conference was awesome! Some talks were just for me! Others for investigators! that was the highlight! I didn't really have a favorite.... They were all awesome. I do have a bunch of quotes I liked! How did you like conference? Which talk stood out the most to you? If you wouldn't mind writing me and telling me I would greatly
appreciate it! 

Elder Leavitt listening to conference
t seems that people like my funny or interesting stories! So an interesting one is that yesterday we went to pick up Heather for the last session of conference. We went to pick her and her family up and she was not ready. So she didn't come. But while we were sitting there talking we met her sister Savannah. She was acting almost as funny as the drunk cousin who kept asking me to tell him something to change his life. (I was tempted to say that Listerene would do wonders but that's mean) she asked where we were from and what we planned on doing after the mission. As we started telling her what we believed she said "Finally someone who believes the same as me.  It was like you took the words right out of my mouth." 

As we continued she kept telling Heather I like the blue one. Then we ended up talking about mission rules and they said the usual "that must be so hard how do you do it" stuff she suddenly said she wanted to go to conference, we didn't have a ride for her though. So we set up a meeting and stuff. As she walked past us she said to me "You have very pretty eyes by the way" I said thanks and then Elder Leavitt said " We can't date while on a mission either. She said " Awww, really!?" Then she said "That's ok I can wait 2 years and move to Utah"  Awko taco..... Well I got us out of the door in record time. Then I remembered a phrase someone used "flirt to convert" Sooooo....... No I'm just kidding I won't do that! But we did set up an appointment! We will see what happens!

Here is one that I probably laughed too hard at but that's ok because I am usually exhausted. I have an excuse. 

Heather who is moving into our ward said that she needed help so we were excited to help her! (Mostly just so I could be out of hot long pants for a while) but first we had to go to Arcadia to turn in our car. I liked that car. But alas I am healthy! I guess it's a good trade off! Amid the great mourning and in the midst of despair at the handing over of the key, I began to question my ability to continue on any further. But I remembered the wise words of many coaches/uncles/friends and of course father. "Rub some dirt in it, pansy" this phrase has surprisingly gone through my head many times whenever I begin to have a pity party. 

Well I rubbed some dirt in it and we journeyed back into our area and headed towards Heather. It was about 101 degrees so needless to say I was pretty nasty. We knocked on Heathers soon-to-be-door and did some small talk then asked what we could do. She thought for a minute and said. Move the bed. We went out grabbed the bed put it where she wanted it. Then we asked "What next?" She said. "Ummmm that's it! Thanks!"  My initial thought process was something like this "I just biked about 10 miles all over this dog gone mission and you had me move 1 little bed!"  But those wise words went again through my head. So I rubbed some dirt in it and we taught her a good lesson and asked her to watch conference so we will see how it goes!

Mom! A good story! I wasn't feeling too hot early one morning. I couldn't move too well, I didn't want to get out of bed, I rolled onto the floor and prayed and prayed to know what to do to feel. The spirit said go outside. What? I immediately was like NO! But I did. Darn obedience. I walked around the pool and noticed the gate was open, then I saw that the bishops dog, aka my dog, was down the street. I called him over, shut the gate, went and got in bed, and woke up feeling fine! Guess I had a job to do. And I'm so stubborn I had to be disabled to go do it. Moral of the story, don't be stubborn, oh and listen to the Spirit.

Well I hope you all have a good week! Mine was better after the Utah game! We have some big UCLA fans here and yesterday they were looking at me funny. I asked what was wrong and they said Utah beat UCLA yesterday. They had been talking smack to me all week. Don't worry mom, I was a gracious winner all I said was "Told ya" hehehe so apparently Heavenly Father thought I needed a pick me up. 

Conference was good! Like the prophets, I also encourage us to re read and ponder on what they said. It will make your day better! Was I the only one who thought Sunday morning was a very prophet focused session?
Something to think about.

God loves you, Christ loves you, I love you! Be happy! Smile! Remember which way you face! Serve somebody! You can do it! To any who are struggling, re-read conference. I promise it will help! To any who think things are never going to get better, stop staring at the floor as you walk the road of life. The most beautiful things are on the horizon! 

Love love love you all!!!!! Remember who you are!

Elder Rollins

P.S Did Elder Scott eat his Wheaties or what!?! That talk was sweet!!

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