Wednesday, October 15, 2014

So we finally heard from Elder Rollins this week!  Apparently it is temple week so he had his p-day today and got to go to the temple! His email on his ipad is not working so he had to wait until the last few minutes of p-day to find a computer and read and write his emails.  
Hi!  From the temple.
Hellooooooo Familia! 
Unfortunately I have to make this pretty quick, so let us begin.

First of all, Joe stay on your feet. (Joe fainted and had to get stitches) Second Aaron, Sarah, Sierra, Trent, you are not allowed to have fun without me. good luck. (Aaron got asked to a dance) Mom please send a picture of Aarons outfit.  Mitch and Haley congrats on having the new baby Joshua!! If only he turns out like his namesake he will do great things! 

Elder Leavitt and Elder Rollins at the Los Angeles Temple
Ok. Now for my week DUH Duh duhhhh.  So P-day was moved to today because we got to go to the temple! That was for sure the highlight!!! Unfortunately Satan was aware of what was going to happen so he worked extra hard on me. 

This week was like sand paper. Things were rough. We had to sand extra hard until things were pretty smooth (almost as smooth as that analogy). Things were just falling through and I realized why it is called a testimony. because sometimes we have to put it to the TEST. It is not always an easy test. Often it is difficult. 

In the low point of the week I was just going to do nothing since nobody wanted to listen anyway. But I had a prompting to just buckle down and things would be alright. So that is exactly what I did. I buckled down and said a prayer and later that night we ran out of milk (my bad).  We went to the store and a lady walked up and started speaking Chinese. She asked "Do you speak Chinese?" luckily (or because of a prompting maybe ) I had asked the Chinese Elders how you say that phrase in Chinese so I would recognize it)  I was able to say nope. She then said in verrrry broken "engrish" "i warnt to go yo chuch" so we gave her a card with the address and the number for the Chinese Elders. It was fun!
Elder Leavitt and Elder Rollins
Then as we were riding back up the hill a couple pulled up and asked us if we were mormons and we said yes and they asked questions and as they drove away we tossed them a pass-along card. (twas a good throw if I do say so myself) but the biggest miracle was when we got home and the daughter of the Bishop who is less active told us she was going through a divorce and asked if we could help her! We said of course! Before that day she wouldn't even talk to us! 


My funny story is we were biking down the street and as we were passing this house we heard a growl which I am pretty sure was mixed with a bear roar. We turned around and this big black dog (no serious, this thing made the Sandlot dog look like a Chihuahua) charged us. All I could say was "nope" and we started bookin it. I am pretty sure that we hit warp speed. Mr.Sulu would have been proud. (Dad that was for you) on the way back up the hill Elder Leavitt (who has an electric bike which I refuse to use because it only tops out at 15 mph) was pretty much using me as a shield in case the dog came back.
His Temple group.  So far I know Elder Leavitt, Elder Rollins, Sister Kretchman  and sitting in front is Elder De Spain. 
Well life is good! I couldn't ask for better! Much love to you all! Live long and prosper (Dad that was for you again) Feel better soon Mom! 

Much love to all and to all good missionary work!    

 Elder Rollins

1. How are Jackie and heather doing?  Did anyone come to church? Jackie didn't, Heather did.  They are both doing swell.

2. Have you found any other investigators? Heathers sister 

3. How are you getting along with Elder Leavitt? Is he a hard worker? Good,
4. When did you feel The Lord directing you this week? When I asked for a miracle and then we went and bought milk and random people started talking too us..... that was cool!

5. What was your greatest challenge this week and how did you overcome it? My greatest challenge was pushing myself when everything seemed to go wrong. Prayer.

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