Wednesday, June 25, 2014

MTC dropoff

So at 1:15 on Wednesday, June 25th, we dropped Josh off at the MTC.  We went up to the church before hand to take some pictures.  We were all laughing and thinking this was pretty easy. 

We then drove to eat lunch/breakfast.  Josh got super quiet during the meal.  We all got a little more subdued. 

 We then went up to the church and said our goodbyes and gave Josh a big hug.

 I was doing fine until  I tried to stop hugging Josh and he wouldn't let go.  I told him how proud I was of him and how I knew he would do a great job.  I told him I loved him and would miss him and I thanked him for being such a good son. He cried.  I cried.  We all cried.

 I hugged him again and we all climbed back in the car.
 We drove across the street and entered the MTC grounds.  We drove around the building to the back and pulled up at number 25.  There was an Elder there and also a Sister.  We pulled up and Dave, Joe and I jumped out.  Josh got his luggage and then I hugged him again.  He told me "I need to get in there and get my nametag Mom."  I said "OK, Go."  We took this last picture and climbed in the car.  Alex and Aaron yelled that they loved him from the car and off we went.  I didn't even turn around.
 Then we cried.

That was a long ride home.  It is a strange feeling to experience.  Part of me felt as if I had abandoned him.  I also felt bad for Dave and the boys as the wept and shared their feelings.  I also felt such a sorrow at realizing that this marked an "End to my Beginnings" as a mom.  The young children all gathered at home phase is over and although I am going to love all the phases still to come, I will miss this first stage.

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  1. Isn't there a Rollins boy missing from these pictures?