Sunday, June 29, 2014

First Letter

Well after a very stressful week we finally got a handwritten letter from Josh on Saturday.  He dated it Thursday, June 26.  Here is the letter.

Mom & Dad

Hello!  Dis be your son in case you couldn't see that!  Just updating you!  I'm all good! Everything is going wonderful and I couldn't be happier! The Spirit here is sooooo strong and I love it.

Dad you are so welcome for giving all of your stuff back soooo willingly.  I want to know what you guys said after I left.  Do you have any questions? Mission life is sooo tiring but I could not be happier!  There is no feeling in the the world like putting the nametag on everyday.  I love it! Oh I saw (saw? seen? seeded? whatevs) Bishop Bennion today at lunch!

Oh duh, my companions name is Elder Strickland from Texas.  The Elders in our district are Elder Boy and Elder McConell.  Elder Boy is from the South, Alambama... he says Dad Gum and everything... I decdied the hardest thing so far is not copying his accent!  Elder McConnell is from Missouri. He's pretty cool! and pretty weird.  I am the youngest by 10 months.  

Elder Strickland is cool and funny! I got to give him a blessing because the altitude was messing up his head!  Sooooo cool!  

Oh boy, I need pictures from everybody! and uhh  I dunno it's always busy here.  I haven't gone to bed on time yet... whoops well anywho love you lot!

Love Forever,
Elder Rollins

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