Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's a Hard Knock Life

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What's up y'all? Hope everything is staying cool (hehe see what I did there!?) hopefully I can say something to warm you up! Like for instance, I've been sitting in California and you all are still more tan than me. 

Before we begin today's session, I believe that we have a new deacon in the family? If I am correct, I believe that a welcome to the priesthood beatdown is due. I am pretty sure that is a real thing.  Right?  Maybe Jacob can take care of that.  To the parents of said deacon, brace yourselves, I see mood swings in your future. Happy bday Sambo!

Well now back to boring me, so we will begin by answering the now age-old question that is yes he is still sick. Now to all parties who are worrying about my health hanging out 24/7 with a contagious dude. People, I love you, but I have the amazing immune system of my father, I promise you I am fine, you don't need to worry, I'm sure if something happens grandpa will let you know! So if that happens you have permission to worry, seriously I'm fine physically! Your prayers have kept me from getting sick so please keep it up. And if I get sick, you won't hear about it anyway! Hahaha I'm so evil I know! Mom, it was a joke, I'm fine, really, really, Dad, don't let her drive here she has 4 other boys to worry about! 

Ok well my week was completely uneventful until the awesome meeting with the area authorities yesterday, (Brother Sitati has an awesome accent). I saw some of my homies from the MTC.   The speakers talked about having the Holy Ghost as our companion and told us how important it is (I quickly decided that I hadn't been talking to myself, I was talking to our third companion. It made me feel better!

So I have to tell you that this week I honestly felt like just giving up, not going home, If I'm going home early it's only because President Monson told me too, other than that I'm staying right here. Anyway I didn't want to do anything anymore, and just as I hitting my lowest point, Heavenly Father helped me to realize that I had some pride issues that I needed to take care of.  I remembered a talk I'd read by D. Todd Christoferson where he says "I'm the Gardener here" so I swallowed my pride and I feel much better. 

So all is well in this part of the vineyard.  Anyway I love you all. I hope that soon I will be able to tell you of all the investigators I have! Love you much!

Elder Rollins

Your poor companion!  Has he had a blessing?     Yes

Are you still able to attend church?                  

How do you exercise?                 
However I can, push-ups, playing on our mini basketball hoop

Are you able to get to the store for food and such?          
Yea the store is really close

Is your apartment cleaner than ever?         
Yes, it freaks me out cause I'm the one cleaning it.

Were you able to go out at all this week?         No

Were you able to do any teaching?                  No

What are Elder Leavitt's parents saying?          I have no idea

What is your mission president  saying about Elder Leavtit?       That he just needs to wait it out

Are you still feeling healthy? Yes

Are you being obedient? Yes.  It was harder this week to wake up on time to go nowhere, but I pulled through. 

What do you feel you learned this week? That pride truly is the downfall of man

When did you feel the spirit this week?  When I finally swallowed pride, the mother of all horse pills, but the
swig of Living Water I took helped wash it down. (Whew, that analogy though)

Do you need anything?  Just a CTR size 8.5 ring for a Chinese missionary and a sweater, mostly for
everyone to smile!

Thanks mom, remember you and dad need to share your testimonies often with the boys. I wish I had heard it more, maybe I just wasn't listening. Anyway I'm not your boss. Love you lots! Stay chill don't freak out anymore.

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  1. Very cute that he remembered Sam. He must be a seer because he is dead on about those mood swings.