Tuesday, November 4, 2014

I Will Survive.

Happy birthday Rachel and Jenn!!! Hope all goes well! Is Jenn like 50 now? Lol
Served at a Thai members house.  I asked him if he ate it.  He said "Nope, not all of it.  Couldn't do it." 
Hello to all! Hope everyone had a good Halloween! Hope you all got a lot of candy to send to me!! Well apparently, I haven't learned my lesson yet. Because Elder Leavitt was sick again. Poor fella. So we again spent a lot of time sitting at home. I finished Jesus the Christ. It is not nearly as difficult as people make it sound. 

So unfortunately I have few things to write about.

Uhhh it got pretty cold for Cali. Like 40 degrees. I had to wear a sweater. I'm becoming one of them. I wish there was some snow. That would make going to appointments way more fun. Speaking of appointments I'm forcing my companion to go to the doctors office. He is so stubborn. Much like Jackie who has literally called every day to find out if I am getting transferred. Apparently she is "crushing" on me.  Great.   

We had a less active lesson with this guy named Daniel. We biked three miles there, talked for fifteen minutes, then three miles straight back to home base. Super fun. Only lesson of the week.


Boredom. Boredom is my number 1 enemy. After I finished Jesus the Christ I had no purpose so I sat and span in my chair until I was sick. Then I pretty much just talked to myself. I actually had some deep conversations. But I realized most of the conversation was in my head. But at random times I'd say something out loud. I think it scared Elder Leavitt a little bit. But that's ok. 

Oh I put my tag through the washer and dryer this morning so it's sparkling clean. I think that I'm becoming a hermit. But besides all that because struggles are boring the church is true! Despite all my problems I still know it! I am 110% closer to my Savior than I ever have been! We are great friends! He had definitely helped me through my most recent trial. I have had many hours to sit and think. And each time I come out of my "Force heal" ( Star Wars reference) I feel much better.

Actually, since I know you all care, I have put some of the things that have come across my mind, some are spiritual, others are to make sure I could still make myself laugh.

  • Most of the time, when you've done all you can, the Spirit prompts you to go just a little further. That is when you find success.
  • Halloween reminds me a lot of my mom waking me up all those mornings before school, some scary person bangs on your door, demands things of you, then turns and leaves.
  • The hardest part of missionary work is when you stop working.
  • Sometimes I just want to cry, then I remember that my uncles replaced my tear ducts with testosterone dispensers... So I do awesome dunks on our 6ft hoop...
  • When people ask why I am out doing this and I tell them because it makes me happy, they always look at me like I grew up under a rock.
  • I said wow to somebody referring to the word of wisdom. Instead I got a 10 minute lecture on world of Warcraft. I don't get the connection. 
  • I've noticed that people promise to do something in their prayers, and then if they don't do it they think God never wants to hear from them again.
  • When I look at a person, I have to put off the Natural Man and stop judging them, then I put on my "Charity Glasses" and look at that person how Christ looks at that person.

These are very few of the many things that have gone through my head. Another thing I did was make videos, those will be sent later. Don't judge me. I've been stuck in a small pool house for 2 weeks.

Well I love you all! Hope you have fun in the cold! Hope you all have a fantastic day/week and that your prayers will be answered! Much love to you all! Smile! Help somebody! PEACE!

Shi-Shi (thank you)
Elder Rollins

Is your companion feeling better? Has your companion been to the doctor? Are you still ok health wise? No, he is still sick.  We are going to the doctor tomorrow hopefully.  I'm good.  Of course!  I never get sick.   

Are you warm enough?  Are you going to need a sweater or a sweater vest?  A sweater would be nice

Did Jackie change her mind about being baptized? I dunno. She is going crazy. 

How are Heather and her sister doing?  What health issue does Heather have? Heather is better I don't know what she had. We haven't talked to savannah in a while

Have you gained any weight since you left? No, I have lost 4 pounds. 

Did you get your Halloween package? Did you share it with your comp? Yes I did! Thank you very much! I was actually super confused on why there were so many kids out dressed funny. No, he is sick so I get it all. 

What did you learn from your week where you weren't able to go out and work? I learned that I have to just push harder. No matter what

When did you feel the spirit this week? I felt the spirit when I was reading Jesus the Christ. It was good for me to read that.

What topic have you been studying? I have been studying Jesus Christ it helps keep me sane.

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