Tuesday, November 11, 2014

This Week from the Battlefront!

Well hello fellow members of the human family! Hope that you all have had a fantabulous week!  Because, sadly my companion is still sick. We did get him to the doctor and they gave him drugs, drugs that make him exhausted. Great.

For those of you who are wondering, yes, I have lost my mind a couple of times. But after I roll my eyes back into my cranium a few times I find it again.   It is usually hiding near the corner of normalcy and oblivion. But I have survived again. 

Despite his dreariness we were able to get a few lessons, he was just barely coherent at them. For instance, Elder Leavitt was talking about the Book of Mormon to our investigator Victor, We taught Victor for the first time last Monday, and he committed to be baptized on the 30th!   Wow.  Later we found out that he is living with his girlfriend, loves coffee, loves to party, and may have a drug problem If the weed he left on his windowsill is any indication. Just a guess though. Needless to say we are praying for a miracle. He is 30 years old and has been going to a bunch of churches looking around to see what he likes, he prefers some Japanese church. He tried explaining it to me and said that they basically have little stones that give you certain attributes if you carry them around. Strange. So that's some info about him! Well anyway, Elder Leavitt was talking about the Book of Mormon and suddenly Victor is like "Dude, you look exhausted and like you are about to fall asleep, do you want some water?" We responded in the affirmative. We had only biked six miles to victors house but Elder Leavitt was used to his electric bike and he hadn't charged it so he had to peddle the whole way. He was saying
how bad it was and then I think he realized that that's how I feel after every bike ride. Well after we had some water the lesson went pretty well but he was so tired we had to just go home and he slept for like  3 hours. 

During those three hours I ate, and cleaned my desk, and read talks and scriptures. I know that I'm going crazy
because whenever he is asleep, I end up talking to myself. Sometimes he is awake, but I don't know so I'll say something, and he will say "huh" and I'm like "Just talking to myself". I think he is getting a little scared. 

Anyway now about Jackie. Well I believe I told you that she admitted she had a crush on me, I didn't think it was a big deal because after all Z.Z. Top told me that "every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man!" I guess I didn't realize how broad of a word "crazy" is. Well this being transfer week, she called EVERY day, sometime multiple times and asked if I knew I was getting transferred, I repeatedly told her no I wouldn't know until Sunday. Well we went to the lesson with her and she was being really weird.  She wouldn't look at me or interact with me.  Well after the lesson she hands me an envelope. Inside is an 18 page letter with pictures. It was strange. Well in the letter she said she wouldn't meet with the missionaries anymore, so she is now dropped. She said it was too hard to make friends and then have them leave. So she was converted to the missionaries, not the message. I hope she finds it for real one day. 

Well that's basically the most exciting stuff! Other than that I tried to keep sane!

Love you all!! Keep on keepin on! Sianara!

Elder Rollins

Did you get your comp to the doctor?  Yes 
What was Elder Leavitt's diagnosis?   Whooping Cough
Is he doing better?   No
Were you able to work? Yes it was much better
How are Jackie and Heather?  Bad, Heather is doing good!
When did you feel the Spirit guiding you this week? When I changed up the teaching order a little bit for Victor.
How was church? Are you learning to love the ward? It was the primary program! That was good! Still trying!
What do you feel you learned this week? I have learned that I am not the one to judge.

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