Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Eventful Week

Seeing Josh!  
Before you read Josh's letter I should tell you what happened this week.  Andrew's wife Jenn's family is from California right near Josh's mission.  In fact I think Jenn's aunt lives in his mission.  So they went down to CA for Thanksgiving and took several packages and even some Christmas gifts down to give to Josh.  They met Elder Rollins and Elder Leavitt at a mall near their home and took them out for a nice "American" lunch.  
Waiting for lunch.With Jenn and Andrew's girls.

Philly cheese steak sandwich!  Gross eater.
I really should have Jenn write up a report cuz she and Andrew had many insights.  They said that Josh is in Little Asia.  Everyone at the mall was Asian and there were only Chinese restaurants in the mall and surrounding area.  They said Josh in true missionary fashion said hello to everyone he passes although nobody speaks English.  They said that area he is in is difficult.  In fact this is companions eighth area and  he said it is the hardest he has experienced.  The ward is small and struggling, so missionary work isn't happening.  They liked his companion and said he seemed to be feeling better.  They said that Elder Leavitt and Josh seem to be getting along well.  They said Josh is taking all the trials in stride and he laughs it all off.  
Messy room.  Some things never change!

Andrew and kids with the Elders!

After lunch they followed him back to his apartment because he couldn't carry all his packages.  Andrew and Jenn even went grocery shopping for some fresh fruit and treats for him.  He was spoiled. 

Elder Leavitt and Elder Rollins
They sent pictures that I have posted here.  Then back to Josh's letter.   
I love this one!
Hola!! Hope all is well! Yesterday was zone conference, the 7 hour meeting. It was good to learn and not be the one teaching. President even attempted to say my name! (Drawinz) but I'll take it however I can. That's why I didn't write yesterday so yea.

I believe that there was a young man by the name of Ding Dong who had a birthday, and the and I would like to wish a happy birthday to said Sam Rollins! You're getting too old!

Did you hear about the weather?  Yea, it rained, hard for about 15 seconds and then it just petered out. Then right before church got out, it rained hard again but for almost 5 minutes, the ward was freaking out, "How will we get home? We won't make it home!" It was very strange. They looked at me funny and everyone said goodbye like I was going to die when we walked our bikes out.  Just a little moisture. Sheesh.

Thanksgiving day we went to a senior couples place with a bunch of missionaries.  I ate turkey and mashed taters and stuffing and sweet taters. Yum!!
Thanksgiving.  Elder Hsu, Elder Asenjo, Sister Hunsaker, Elder Hunsaker, Elder Oh, Elder Leavitt, Elder Rollins, Elder Huang, Sister Chan, Sister Larsen

 My week was mostly uneventful, and the events that did happen, you already know about! So this will probably be a short update. Thank you all for the packages! I ate lots of fruit! I ate like a king this week and all the other missionaries were jealous!  I already read my books! I have to tell you, when I got the call from Jenn and said "Hello this is Elder Rollins" and she responded "This is Sister Rencher" I was racking my brains to remember a sister named Rencher. I was thinking how familiar it sounded, and then I remembered.  It was great to see them.  And weird to see family and be called Josh. 

I went on exchanges a couple of times, Leavitt is off antibiotics so his stomach doesn't bug him as much. The only story I really have right now is we went to visit a less active to see if they were still living at the address we had for her.  Her name was Peggy, and when the door opened it was a 6'3" black guy.  I was thinking "I don't think your name is Peggy" and when we asked if she was there, a voice from inside the house said "no no no no" and then they shut the door, strange. I didn't even know what to say.  

I feel bad that there isn't much to write about, at zone conference we learned about using family history to contact people, I want to try to see if it works. On the long bus ride home we met Heather! She was standing at the bus stop and we walked up and Elder Leavitt walked completely past her but Skyla (her 3 year old daughter) recognized me and stuck her tongue out at me and I recognized her and then saw Heather.  We talked about her life. She is struggling trying to find a job and doesn't know what to do.  I had to finally tell her that I was only 18 years old and didn't have any children.  She kept saying "You know how hard this is." and "You understand."  I must come across as super mature for her to think I have kids! We invited her to a ward Christmas party so hopefully the Christmas party goes really well. 

Oh yeah, I had to give a talk in sacrament meeting and the ward loved it, I don't know why, because i was pretty much begging for referrals, at least that's what it felt like.

Well that's about it... Sadly... Sorry.

Much love to you all! Church is true! I know it!  Share a Christmas message with somebody this week!

Love you all! Hope everything goes well! I'm going to start the MTCousins thing again as soon as I start being a missionary again!

Elder Rollins

P.S Oh this is kind of important. President announced yesterday that he wants us bilingual, because of the Spanish culture everywhere, he wants us to learn basic Spanish.  


How was a your visit with Andrews's family? No homesickness? Great!  Fun.  Nope.  Still good.
How was your sports night that you planned? It was fun!  played some soccer.
How is your comp feeling? Better!
Were you able to teach this week? No not really.
When did you feel the spirit? I felt it when I was sharing my testimony during my talk. 

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