Monday, December 8, 2014


To kind of quote Dobby from Harry Potter "Master has presented elder with a healthy companion, elder is freeeee!"

My seemingly eternal isolation has ended, we finally got out to work, as you can see by the post Heather put up, we got out a lot more! It was fantamazing! Oh it was so nice to get out, I guess it was wearing on me! Who knew?

Anyway, since we were practically starting from nothing, this week was slow, we talked only to Heather really, but we did go on exchanges, and Elder Bailey, who came here to Alhambra with me, had to have a soda from 7-11, we went and he was taking for ev er to decide, naturally I was making fun of him. It had to be done, gotta keep those leaders humble ya know? Anyway, we were at 7-11 and I was getting frustrated because I did want to get out and do as much as we could, but he just kept changing his mind about what to get.  

Then a feeling of peace came over me and I waited patiently by the door and was staring at this awesome truck, pretty much made for a zombie apocalypse, this guy walked out and he walked towards it as we were grabbing our bikes, "nice truck" I said and he turned and said she's my midlife crisis! And I said "worth it" we then proceeded to talk for two hours    He is a vet from Afghanistan who now works as a cop specifically to handle gangs, he said he sees us in the ghetto areas and asks us why we do it.  We proceeded to teach him almost everything and had an awesome discussion.  He, unfortunately,doesn't live in the mission, but it's all the same work!   

I think I convinced him to move to Utah, mostly because I want a ride in his truck, but Heavenly Father knew that and put him in our path! So that was a great miracle and the spirit touched him! So if you have somebody move in next to you, named Ken, please get him baptized. 

It's really warm here, this is not winter, and at night it gets down to maybe October weather.  I hope it snows for your Christmas there at least since I've heard it is so warm there also. Anyway, I'm thinking I am going to get transferred, but I'm not sure, we will see next week! 

Have a merry Christmas and I would challenge you to please make sure that we don't focus on the commercial part of Christmas, that part is always to stressful and causes too much contention, I tell people here Merry Christmas and they say no one ever says that to them anymore, it makes me sad. So don't let packages, boxes or bags, replace the True Gift!

Alhambra Ward Building
Love you all! Return with Honor, MERRRY CHHRRISSTMASSS!!!!

Elder Rollins

So did you get out more this week? Yes

How is Elder Leavitt feeling? Great

He is quiet compared to you isn't he? Ya

Did you feel the spirit this week? When? When we talked to Ken!

Did you get to see Heather?  I was thinking I need to start praying for her to get a job.  Yes, she's struggling, that'd be awesome.

What are you doing for your P-day today?   tri-zone activity

Did you get the CTR ring to you friend?  Did he like it? Yes, he said "wa, shi shi" wow thanks! I said "bu kuh she" you're welcome! And he said he would give you a hug if he saw you.   So yep.

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