Monday, December 22, 2014

Christ mas

Well well well, here we are. Oh holidays.

So Pasadena is awesome, and people are really rich! So it is quite a change! People speak English. Very weird. Well this week it was great to get out and work, but it's getting hard because people just want to be with their families, but among all the biking and stuff I have had time to think! 

Here is Josh's Christmas tree that I sent.  He decorated it himself!
Which led me to Christ mas, or Christ more. This season should be a time of bringing Christ more into our lives, not just the one time a year we let him in. Because Christ should be there 100% of the year and this season should be a time to let him in even more! There is my two cents.

This week I've mostly been getting used to the area, but I do have one story. We were sitting on the bus and some guy got on, now before I continue you have to understand Elder Brown cannot keep a straight face if his life depended on it. Anyway, so this guy gets on and he walks to the back and he's sitting there, then he grabs a bar and starts doing pull ups, but his earbuds are in and the music is so loud he doesn't realize he is making weird noises. Then his jam came on and he was dancing, and he could not dance. So we had a good laugh about that. Elder Brown almost got caught laughing at him a couple times.

This is the new pad and the new comp (extremely blurry)
We had the mission Christmas party which was alright. Also we got to go to this place called "Friends and Deed" where they gather donations and give them to the homeless. We go every Wednesday (except for the next two weeks). That will be fun but I had to kind of yell at them this week because they were trying to push through the door to get food. 

We taught a guy named Kai and he is cool, he said he knew the church was true but wouldn't commit to be baptized, so I just figured we could push him into the font while we take him on a tour. But apparently that isn't allowed. Darn. 

Well I look forward to Christmas, and no mom I didn't open it. So I guess I didn't need to write this week, I'll talk to you on Christmas!

Elder Rollins

How is life with the new comp?  We get along!

How is your new ward and your new area? The ward and area are both awesome!

Did you work so hard this week?  Yes I'm exhausted.

Who do we need to pray for?Everybody

When did you feel the spirit this week?24/7 cause constant companion

Tell us about the other 2 Elder's you live with? One is 6'4" the other is 6'6" they are both strange, but that's ok,
the taller one is being trained so he thinks we are all crazy.

How long has your comp been out?15 months

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