Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving!

twas a week!

Transfers this week, nothing happened with us, but the zone got all changed so that's all that happened, but in other news, the sisters that were in the MTC with me are in their last transfer. So that's pretty weird. But in other news, Saul finally made it to church and said he liked it! So we were super excited for him, in other news, we tried knocking doors this week, pretty boring, especially when they don't speak English and I don't speak Chinese, yep. That about sums it up.  

We went on exchanges as well and the Elder I was with apparently didn't do language study because he kept misusing words, it was pretty funny, like we watched these two dogs get in a fight and there was one of the owners walking our way and we said hello and they said no.  We started walking then the other elder said "hope your dog gets....safe"  We laughed too hard and scared one of the poor joggers into a sprint, good for him though. 

Also during one of the nights, I might have forgotten to mention, everything is a blur but we have seven elders in
our pad.  It is so crowded I'm getting claustrophobic, but nobody cares because they are too. During the night though we were talking about video games and football just a bunch of randomness and then one elder who had fallen asleep for about fifteen minutes and woke up talking about the conversation we had fallen asleep to, we at the time were talking about favorite players and then randomly and rather loudly we heard "I would probably send a bomb right up the middle and just BOOM, there it goes" we sat confused for a half minute then decided to end
on that note after a good laugh of course. 

In other news Mike is doing really well! Looking forward to getting the priesthood. So that's how he is doing. But I can't believe it is Thanksgiving, so this week I thought of things I am thankful for, they go as follows, not necessarily in order

Basically any food that isn't top ramen or cup of noodles
Well kept bikes
People who sing hymns who aren't motab
The Atonement for repenting because I need it
Prophets cause no confusion
Ironing boards
This country
Comfy pillows
People who smiles

There are other things of course but that's just a small list! I hope all of you have a happy thanksgiving! Because there is a lot to be thankful for, especially Jesus Christ! As you will be hearing a lot in the upcoming months He is the Reason for the Season! So don't forget about him amongst the turkey and the potatoes!


Elder Rollins

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