Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Merry Christmas?!

Why is Christmas stuff out in the stores? 

This week was good!
We had a little mishap though but I will let you know in a second first things first.

So Mike, we are almost there hopefully not after transfers but we are close! Pretty excited for that, he is a good guy.

Anyway back to the mishap, so I am sitting in ward council yesterday and just all day everything was going wrong, and I was fasting so my fuse was already shortened drastically and already at seven in the morning, so I was thinking well it can't get any worse, and of course our loving God with His perfect sense of humor decided to stretch my patience again, so of course my zipper on my pants broke, and the barn door was wide wide open. But I was determined, oh no I would not freak out.  Nope I was going to roll with it, I went in with the attitude like
"that's right Heavenly Father! I'm not going to get mad! Hahaha" and then I got a response, it was"Good" He always wins.

So that was my grand experience. So Halloween, we had to go in early to avoid the psychos, that was boring. But we played the ukulele and that was cool! But the day was mostly uneventful.

Well that's about all exciting that happened funny experience, so daylight saving, and wonderful greenie Eder Low, wakes up and yells Elders! It's 7:20 get up! We just laughed. He didn't get it until after he showered. Those ten minutes were great!

Well love you all!

Elder Rollins

How is your health? I'm healthy as ever
How is Mike doing? Doing great
How is your personal scripture study going? It's fun still!
How is your journal writing? Depends on the day
How is your testimony?  Stronger than ever
3 people in a 2 person Porsche.  Not comfortable.

My first legitimate bullseye in my life.

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