Tuesday, November 10, 2015



So this week was a good week! we have three new investigators named Ellen Tiffany and Odin, they are all recently moved from China, and speak hardly any english, and I speak no Chinese, but they want to
learn in English, so I have been Laughing at that, Google Translate doesnt do the trick, but whatever we will figure it out.

Anyway, so Mike. He is set for baptism on this Saturday and so help me this is going to happen or i am going to just start dragging people to the baptismal font. but i have faith it will so it will, there is no way God doesnt want him to make this Covenant so I will wait patiently.

So I was talking to this really cool Less Active family, and we were chatting and talking, inviting to church and there was a birthday of one of the older kids who isn't a member and he is turning 21 so naturally all of his older friends brought plenty of alcohol, and the rest of the family who are all members were so embarrassed. because
they were the ones letting this happen, so embarrassed in fact that they had us go stand outside, the mom wouldn't even talk to us, it was so sad to see. if you dont feel like you can have the missionaries in your home, then you know something needs to change, and what better way than leaving the good influence there? why get rid of something good, just to make room for those things that are bad? this is what is talked about when we say fear Man more than God. because they feared our judgment more than that of losing their souls, it sounds drastic
but that is what is at stake. and so few people are willing to understand that, even in the church, so please, make more room for the good. 
comet thingy

Be happy, thats all that the Lord really asks of us, be happy. He gives us a list of things we have to do, it is no secret, president monson tells us over and over as well. be obedient. do it. this is the key to Joy.

anyway so a funny story, i dont know if you heard but there was a ufo thingy or something i never got to hear what it was. but I was waiting with this same family before mentioned on the same not after they kicked us out.

THE CHURCH IS TRUE!!!!!! no doubt in my mind! there have been before, but we were told to doubt the doubts before we doubt our faith! find joy in the Journey, read scriptures. you all know what needs to be done so lets get it done!

Love you all!!

Elder Rollins

Have you received any flack about the new church handbook regarding children of married same gender parents?  Not really any flack but lots of questions. 

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