Friday, January 22, 2016

CD in a Tree


So this week was pretty good I guess, nothing too exciting happened.  We had a ton of lessons getting rescheduled repeatedly so now we are again waiting on those. They should happen soon.  It was a rather uneventful week. However we did have 2 exchanges, one with the zone leaders and the other with some elders in our district, the first one was fine, nothing to exciting or anything. We did get to use these
public toilets which have automatic sliding doors and clean themselves.. Still completely disgusting but it was a good try. They will suffice in emergencies. Sort of. But the second exchange was pretty funny.

The elder I was with is Elder Phoomphuang, he is from Thailand. He came out at about the same time as me but he spent two months in the MTC learning English. But his English is still a little broken. That just makes him all the more funny. For instance, he tried to ask a little Chinese girl "how are you doing?" And she immediately burst into tears and ran away. I'm pretty sure he said something offensive somehow. Because the parents looked at us like we were crazy. Or they just saw who we were. But I'm sticking with offended. Also we wrote a song called Cd in the tree. Because there was a tree with a cd in it. He thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Well got to go shop for a bit but I was reading 3rd nephi 18, I would recommend reading it. It is a good chapter. Jesus knew what he was talking about.

love you all lots!

Elder Rollins

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