Tuesday, January 26, 2016



So this week was pretty busy! So my bike pedal stripped out the leg and the whole crank had to be replaced. Rough life. I shed a few tears. My poor steed. But he will be repaired! So we will be back in business!
Other than that lots of people were just not in the mood this week! But the excuses are getting creative and sometimes really weird! For instance, we said hello to this lady and she said "sorry I can't talk I'm going to buy some coffee and alcohol" so that one was weird, then there was this guy who turned his head away so fast I think he hurt his neck. Silly humans.

We had a good experience with this woman, she was pretty sick, and was very sad because she felt like her family had abandoned her. She was very down and said she was also struggling with depression. It was pretty sad. As seems usual out here on the mission, she tells us missionaries (two teenage strangers) her life story and all her struggles and cries. But we were able to say a prayer with her and teach her and we have another appointment with her.

We talked to a lady named Ana, well actually she talked to us because we knocked on a potentials door, she came out and asked why we hadn't knocked on her door. So we went and taught her. Later during another lesson she told us how she heard us knock on the other door and wanted to know what was going on so she opened the door and then the thought came to her I want to learn more about Jesus. So she invited us in. Oh whitewashing.

Other than that though the week was rather normal! But I loved every bit! I end by saying be thou an example of the believers!

Life is good! So is food! So send me some! That rhyme was dumb. love you! Elder Rollins

El Serreno (part of my area)

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