Monday, January 4, 2016


So I was totally in an earthquake..... 4.3.... It was pretty weird. But there is a good story with that. So we are in an in n out... And the bench we are on starts shaking. And I think that it's elder Low. So I kick him to tell him to stop and he looks at me and tells me That he thinks it's me, then we think it's the guy behind us. Well, it stopped. Then we went to a members house and they told us it was an earthquake. So that was the earthquake.Super boring.

Anyways I got transferred! I am going to South Pasadena with elder Shumway. And we are white washing the assistants area. That's why this email is so short. South Pasadena is in between Alhambra and Pasadena. So now I have the whole set. I finally get to serve around elder Hislop again! It's been over a year!

This week I pretty much knew I was getting transferred because I kept telling people I didn't really want to. So, of course I got transferred, but I got to say goodbye to everybody and Gore (an investigator) even thanked me for helping him come closer to Christ! So that was very refreshing. The ward said they would miss me and when I told them that I was getting transferred there was a reaction in the congregation. I told them I wasn't dying. I didn't know that the ward liked me so that was also very nice. I told them I would visit some day!

Well, I have got to get going sorry it's short. But I do know the church is true! And always will be!

Love you all! You're great

P.S.  totally ran into a tree while walking. I've stooped to new lows....

Elder Rollins

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