Tuesday, February 2, 2016


This email is going to be a little short because email wasn't working until like 5 minutes ago. I was freaking out. It's ok, I figured it out. What a good boy I am.

I will tell you this story. There is a guy. Who is actually being taught by Elder Hislop and Elder Coca Frias (cold Coke is his last name...) poor guy. We are in the same ward so I get see them.  The guy they are teaching I have met and I've taught him a couple times. And he is a miracle! He was a total gangster. High ranking. He has had a really rough life but he decided after a spiritual experience that there was more to life than that. Now he is getting baptized. What a cool guy. But I tell you about him because when I saw him at church this week I told him he had nice shoes. He then preceded to tell me stories of what he has done in those shoes. Those shoes weren't too cool after that but they looked nice. Sound kind of like temptation.

Well like I said it has to be a little short. But this gospel is true! It changes the worst to the best! I'm watching it on the daily! Don't fall into temptation. Don't give up because it's hard! If it weren't hard it wouldn't be fun! 

I love you all! Popcorn saves my life! 

Love you

Elder Rollins

I like your picture except why are you carrying your keys like a janitor?  Because if I carry them in my pocket they stab me when I am riding my bike. 
What in the world do you mean by "popcorn saves my life! It is what we eat.  South Pasadena is expensive. 

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