Tuesday, February 9, 2016



So this week was pretty good!

We had a few good first lessons and set up some for this next week, hopefully they continue investigating, it's hard to find the elect that is fo sho. But it seems that I have survived again. So I must still have something to do! Well we taught this young lady named Christina, she has had a hard life so far and feels like her family doesn't really want her so she moved out on the street. But she wants to go to church and wants to be baptized, we told her we could help her with that. Heh

So I have a good story. Ahem

Recently I injured my hand. It has looked like I tried to grate cheese and forgot which was which. It's terrible because it's my right hand. AND we shake a lot of hands, but I refused to be a pansie. So naturally I keep shaking hands. And it hurts every time, so during one of my prayers I brought this up. The thought came to me of Christ and His perfect hands and the nails they put through them.  I don't complain anymore. Merely a flesh wound.

As another story. I helped move a hoarder. Holy frijoles... There was sooooo much stuff. Two two car garages full of stuff. And when I say full, I mean Aztec temple tight. They were sketchy to open. It was intense and really dusty. I did get to cross off a bucket list item of smashing a car window. Speaking of that mom I'm going to need 500$. Just kidding. But I did get to smash a window. And it was as fun as I thought it would be. No, it had nothing to do with the hand. The hand got hurt because it got smashed between a textured wall and a still-full refrigerator. That'll do it. She did have a newspaper from when John F Kennedy was killed. That was cool. Her calendar on her wall was from 2005 so she's pretty up to date. Yeah, throw away your stuff.

Oh and also I have a little problem. So there is lots of diversity around here. And I want to be able to communicate. So I learned how to say card in Spanish (Tarjeta).   I also enjoy using a Chinese accent because it's fun. But unfortunately I find myself combining. So sometimes my contacts start something like this:

*person walking innocently🚶🏽

*me slamming on breaks 🚲

Me: "rye grive Rou Tarjhreta!!"

*person 🏃🏽 runs away....

It's a problem.

At least I know I'm trying to do something good in the world, even if it doesn't feel like it is working all the time!

Love you all! This is the Lords Church! 

Elder Rollins 

How is your health? Yes I am healthy. 
Are you being obedient? Yes
Are you being kind? Yes
Are you laughing? Yes
Are you learning what the Lord wants you to learn?  Yes
What did you learn this week?  The Lord suffered and I have no right to complain about my little sufferings.  
Who are you teaching?  This girl named Christina and another named elana 
Are you still a janitor?  Haha.  Haha.  No I obeyed.

My hand
It looks infected.  Did you put Neosporin on it?

Uhhh nope.... I'm probably going to die huh?

They just look infected.  You are being blessed so probably no death.  Just nasty looking cuts and pain.  Maybe scars. No death. They shouldn't look green or red.  Unless it is Christmas.
Neosporin. It is your friend.

It's almost Christmas.

Looks like the infection has spread to your internal calendar!

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