Tuesday, February 23, 2016



Well I survived another week here in the land of eternal summer! That's okay though, the brighter it gets the more people brighten up a little!

This one is going to be short probably as we have some mighty shopping to do to pull through the week.  I'd like to bear my testimony on silly circles cereal and top ramen. They do in a pinch.

This week we had a great lesson with Lena, our most promising investigator, she is wonderful! She has lots of questions but quite the testimony in Christ! I'm so thankful I know what I know because she asks some good questions! But for once I finally feel like I can handle them, and if I can't, God can! It's comforting to know that my boss here is perfect. The real world is going to be rough.

A lesson I learned this week. No matter how many times you pray for it, if God doesn't want it to snow.. It won't snow. But I'm over it. This weather is probably the most trying thing about a mission. That's a lie.. But it doesn't change the fact I want it to snow. Except I think it might make biking up and down these hills a bit more difficult. 

Also I learned a rather funny lesson about parents. This will be illustrated by a story. We were at dinner and one of the elders we were eating with asked the parents how they met, the parents blushed and looked at each other and then the dad said,"Well........we met at a club actually." Then their daughter yelled from her end of the table, "Wait, I thought you met at the church?" Awkward pause. So us tactful elders quickly started talking about anything else. Heh. So it's good to have kids, they keep you honest. And dont forget that all children think their parents are perfect until said children turn about 12 years old.

Well just know that I love all of you! I pray for you always and try not to think about you! Take it however you want!

Love you lots!
Elder Rollins

Lena?  Have I heard of Lena before?  Where did you find her? Her mom is a less active we are visiting! No you haven't but she just started progressing!  

How are Tony and Margaret?  Did you meet with them this week? They are alright, Margaret is in the hospital so we are waiting for word. 

Why is Margaret in the hospital?  Hip replacement problems

Did you stay on your bike without falling? Yes I stayed on the bike.

Did you injure yourself in any other way? No.  

Is it already warming up there? It's like 90 degrees. I can't stand summer anymore.

It is already 90 there?  Holy cow.  I am sorry you are tired of summer but I hate to tell you but you are scheduled to come home sometime near the beginning of,  you guessed it,  a long hot summer!    Just saying.   Ugh..... 

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