Tuesday, March 1, 2016


Hello everybody!

This week was a good week, we set a baptismal date with this young man named Edgar who is excited to get baptized, his family mom and brother were baptized a year ago and now he wants to join. So we are excited
for him!

So something about this area. Is hills. Sooo many hills. Big ones. Like Val Verda. And it seems the only people who want to talk with us, have to live at the very tippy top. Naturally after about the 5th hill of the day, I'm pretty fed up with this whole go up to go down, to go up, thing. Yesterday topped it all. And all because silly us had to take a "shortcut" ohhohoho was it a shortcut, yes because it left me short breathed, and with my patience cut. It was a a solid 4 hill shortcut. The thing was, it was up then level, then up mor,e then level then down all the way, then straight back up, then down halfway then back up to three quarters. I was a little bitter. But I lived.

Now a funny story from the week. We were taking this mini missionary, (a youth from another stake) out with us. We were talking to everyone. He got a good taste of rejection. It was pretty great. The Lord had to show him how great the mission awkwardness can go. It started when we were doing service in the morning. Which involved an ax, so naturally, I took the ax. We had to cut all of these big ole branches down to fit into a regular garbage bin. Well, I decided I would show my macho masculinity and chop one of those suckers in one swing. So that's what I did. I had no idea, that when you do that, pieces fly everywhere. One half of the branch went straight into my kneecap, the other flew up above the height of the house and came down probably an inch from my head. My two companions got a good laugh, but I decided I really need to master physics because I have no idea how
that worked. 

The day get even better. Then we are talking to this nice couple, and to break the ice, my companion asks them if they would rather ride an elephant or a giraffe. They said elephant. We talked about elephants vs giraffe for a little then my companion asked if they had ever talked to the elephants before. They looked super confused. Apparently he meant missionaries. Oh well. 
We then see this large group of people standing in front of a house. So I asked if they were having a party. Nope. Somebody had just died. I am so smooth. We offered our condolences and said we would pray for them and
that turned out alright. We are going to go by later and tell them how they can be together forever! So it should be ok.

Well that's all I really have for you from this week! The rest involves  a lot of sweaty well-dressed bikers!

Love you lots!
Families can be together forever!
Sorry your stuck with me! :)


Elder Rollins

How old is Edgar?  26

Did you see Lena or Tony and Margaret this week?  Lena is super busy at school and got sick. Margaret and
Tony are still hanging out in the hospital

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